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mSakhi: Digitizing Health Care at the Grass Roots

June 28, 2017
This app is revolutionizing health care for moms and babies in Jhansi, India.

Celebrating Love without Unwanted Pregnancy

June 27, 2017
Young advocates in Mali spread information about family planning and reproductive health services.

Sensorica: Self Managed Open Network Innovation

Back at the Peer Value conference last year I had the chance to hear a presentation by Tiberius Brastaviceanu from Sensorica that was really impressive. Open innovation is my passion and I work with my clients finding great ideas around our WeThinq platform.

The State of Mobile Data for Social Good

(New York, USA) UN Global Pulse and the GSMA, with support from the Vodafone Americas Foundation, are hosting a two-hour event on 29 June 2017 on the social good value of data derived from mobile phone usage.

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Community Health Workers: Forgotten No More

June 21, 2017
A new global campaign is pushing for salaries, benefits, and formal employment for these crucial health workers.
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