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Senegal’s New eLearning Platform Helps Prevent Service Disruptions as Health Workers Train

By Moussa Dia,
Technical advisor for health systems performance, IntraHealth International
March 21, 2019
Unlike other online platforms, it covers several areas of care and is useful for all types of health workers.

Call for applications to work with APC: Global policy advocacy project coordinator

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) has an exciting opening for someone with experience and knowledge around digital rights and internet policy to join our team working on global policy advocacy.

Cyberlaw and human rights: Intersections in the global South

The panel reflected on the development of legislation and case law related to cyberspace in the global South and their implications for the future of human rights online.

Unpacking the Issue of Missed Use and Misuse of Data

Robert Kirkpatrick, Director, UN Global Pulse
Just be

Media Matters for Democracy: Challenges to media and digital freedoms

The report touches upon various issues including violent and regulatory  actions against the media, online censorship,  right to information regime, disinformation, internet disconnections, data protection and legislative developments relate

Training, Mentorship, and Repurposed Equipment Expand Family Planning Use in Tanzania

March 18, 2019
By repurposing unused surplus medical equipment, health facilities in Tanzania have addressed a crucial shortage of health workers who are certified to provide intrauterine contraceptive

Chad must end its year-long blackout of social media

APC joined African Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX) members and other organisations that work to promote freedom of expression offline and online across the globe to express deep concern about the shutdo

The Future of ICT4D is Digital Development

Our technology for development specialty is changing. Macro forces like reduced government funding and PEPFAR’s push to local organizations are intersecting with increased local capacity and robust commercial solutions, forcing us to consider a post-ICT4D world. This inspired a Technology Salon asking, “What does the future of ICT4D look like?”, where we had a lively...

The APC community’s work on access in 2018: Pushing for people-centred communications networks

How can we help people gain easy and affordable access to a free and open internet to improve their lives and create a more just world? This question has driven our work and strategic priorities for almost 30 years.

HRC40: States should defend environmental human rights defenders

As negotiations at the Human Rights Council enter their final phase, APC and over 150 other civil society organisations join ISHR's call on all states and civil society to use the remaining days to work towards the adoption of a strong resol

"Are You Ready?": New film explores how Myanmar's Article 66(D) affects freedom of expression

The short animated film narrates how Article 66(D) of the 2013 Telecommunications Law has been continuously used by the military and political parties to silence critics and dissenters of the government.
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