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Fred Turner: The link from anti-fascist art and the “historical problem” of Facebook

Fred Turner, the leading chronicler of the links between the 60s counterculture and the internet revolution, turned his sights to the rise of multimedia in America prior to the 1960s in his recent book The Democratic Surround.

Latin American civil society experts discuss media concentration and digital convergence in Montevideo

4 February 2016

Thirty civil society experts from eight Latin American countries are gathering in Montevideo, Uruguay, to discuss media concentration and identify the policy and regulatory strategies needed to strengthen media plurality in this new enviro

Can digital jobs solve Africa's unemployment crisis

In Africa more than two hundred million people are aged between 15 and 24, and this number is likely to double in the next 30 years. As these young people look to enter the workforce many will face unsafe, insecure, part-time, poorly paid work or unemployment.

In West Africa, mHero Inspires Country to Country Collaboration

During the Ebola crisis my fellow Sierra Leoneans and I saw how conflicting messages and misperceptions about the disease contributed to its spread.I began working with IntraHealth International as a consultant in November 2015, right after

Open Source App Takes on Ebola and Mental Health in Liberia

Angie Nyakoon and Amanda Gbarmo Ndorbor are two outspoken and energetic women who oversee the Mental Health Unit at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) in Liberia.

Why is Verizon letting rural broadband decay?

Let me start with an apology: reading other people’s tech support horror stories is less fun than hearing them describe their medical problems or recount their dreams. No one wants to hear them.

Connecting Palestinian Youth with Skills for Success

Mahran Barahmeh never expected to be the head of the media department for the Ministry of Agriculture in Jericho. He was always interested in a career in media, but his family could not afford to send him to university.

Bridging the Youth Employment Gap in the West Bank

Despite diligently searching for a job, Amneh Bostanji still found herself unemployed 10 months after graduation from An-Najah University.

More Than a Library: A Portal for the Supply Chain Learning Community

Too often, knowledge portals take “a build it and they will come” attitude. The thinking goes that by simply dumping enough research and best practices in a single virtual corner, you’ll attract a crowd.

New Report by Ashoka and C&A Foundation: Social Entrepreneurs' Perspectives That Are Transforming the Apparel Industry

Interested in creating a fair and sustainable apparel industry and innovating like a social entrepreneur?

Heroin and Hope

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Take Back the Tech! campaign finalist in the 2016 Womanity Award for the Prevention of Violence Against Women

1 February 2016
(The Womanity Foundation)

The Womanity Foundation will provide three years of support to two awardees that will b

Cervical Cancer Screening Uncovers a Great Need in Kenya

While cancer hasn’t previously been considered a major health problem in most African countries, it has emerged as a leading cause of death, especially among women of reproductive age.

Update, or a missing person report

I just received a kind inquiry via email from a reader who wondered what had happened to this blog.
It’s a fair question.

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