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The Village of Peace. And Coca. Lots of Coca.

A year ago, I had the opportunity to go to Colombia for the first time, as part of a delegation from Open Society Foundation. We were trying to understand the affects Colombia’s long guerilla war had on the society and what we might expect from the peace referendum planned for a few months later.

A Preacher on a Mission to End HIV in Zambia

August 14, 2017
Whether he’s on his bike, giving a sermon, or counseling at the clinic, Reverend Lusale is ready to talk to anyone about HIV.

Big Ideas Competition 2017: Combating Climate Change

Pulse Lab Jakarta
UN Global Pulse and the Government

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In West Africa, Family Planning Youth Ambassadors Are Helping Their Countries Plan for the Future

August 11, 2017
Young leaders have the power to reach their peers and communities in ways most government officials can’t.

Real Talk App Elevates Teen Voices to Transform Sex Education

August 11, 2017
A new app brings sex ed directly to middle school students through storytelling—on their phones.

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Brazil’s First Indigenous Online Radio Station Uses Digital Media to Promote Native Languages and Communities

Rádio Yandê producers in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Official Rádio Yandê Facebook page, published with permission.
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