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Rejecting victimhood: The online speak-out campaign in Kerala against harassment

Dalit-Bahujan women in India have increasingly started using the internet and social media to articulate their positions and politics.

Keywords of the internet: The fraying edges of algorithmic production

In this column series we unpack keywords relevant to the internet and the digital age. Here we look at algorithms and their origin in the work of Ada Lovelace. At how they are a sequence of steps, how they enfold consequences.

Mission-driven Cyber Security

(New York, USA) Cybersecurity can be a driver of programme delivery in a UN Agency, rather than an afterthought.

From Privacy to Ethics: Misuse, Missed Use, and the Public Good

[Brussels, Belgium] UN Global Pulse and the European Data Protection Supervisor, in collaboration with IAPP, are hosting a meeting on the margins of the 40th session of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. 

AfriSIG 2018: What happens when someone breaks your trust?

Life is a series of relationships, whether business or personal, and each of these relationships must be based on trust.

APC calls for strong data protection safeguards following Supreme Court of India's verdict on Aadhar, India's biometric identity programme

APC calls on the government of India to adopt and implement strong data protection safeguards in view of the Supreme Court of India's verdict upholding the constitutionality of Aadhar, India's unique biometric identity programme.

Mentoring women in technology: Laying out the landscape

Equity in digital access in Africa is far from being a reality. There is also a paucity of women in technology-related careers and more broadly in STEM.

Welcome to the sunrises and sunsets of Zanzibar

Three years ago, I caught a flight for the first time to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, excited and nervous to be joining the AfriSIG/gigX class of 2015.

Right to Know - Episode 4: Digital literacy and the perils of social activism in India

In this fourth and last episode of the series, we discover the perils of social activism in India and whether learning how to use Microsoft Notepad and Paint is digital literacy.

Connecting rural South Africa: The case for community networks

“There is so much potential in rural South Africa, and with a little bit of capacity building, a lot of things could happen around affordable internet access,” said Carlos Rey-Moreno, coordinator of APC's Local Access Networks project, at th

Why Technology Isn’t Always the Answer in Global Health

October 04, 2018
We were so excited by the flashiness of the tools, we forgot our goal—to lower hypertension in Africa.
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