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Mapping the Unserved

As connectivity becomes increasingly valuable to everyone, access to communication is becoming as important as access to other kinds of basic infrastructure.  As a result there is an increased urgency to make affordable communication infrastructure accessible to ALL citizens.

The Failure of Spectrum Auctions in Africa

Spectrum auctions are widely regarded as “best practice” in the assignment of wireless frequencies where demand exceed availability yet, as of 2013  among African countries, only Nigeria had successfully conducted a spectrum auction.

Turning point.

I remember that morning well. A week or so earlier I’d been informed via a random phone call that a group of Nigerians would be monitoring their forthcoming Presidential elections using FrontlineSMS.

The Right Training Can Change Minds, Hearts, and HIV Services

April 19, 2017
Health workers who understand those at greatest risk of contracting HIV are more likely to reach them. 

French "right to be forgotten" ruling could be devastating for freedom of expression globally

19 April 2017
(APC for APCNews)

APC joined 17 NGOs from across the globe in a legal submission before France’s highest court, raising serious

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