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(New York, USA) The World Food Programme, UN Global Pulse and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data are hosting an interactive exhibit at the U.N.

Global Pulse at the 73 Session of the UN General Assembly

Felicia Vacarelu, Communications Specialist, UN Global Pulse

HRC 39: Oral Statement on Cybercrime Law and Media Regulation Law in Egypt

The Cybercrime Law and the Media Regulation Law in Egypt represent an attempt to impose full control over the flow of information online, in what seems to be an effort to close the space for public debate and prevent the exercise of the fund

Harnessing Innovation for Economic Stability

(New York, USA) In a world of increased economic, social and environmental volatility, economic stability is growing in importance and innovators are responding.

Open letter on the establishment of the UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

There is a clear need for greater cooperation in the digital sphere and we hope that the panel brings a fresh approach to this Digital Cooperation. 

Right to Know - Episode 1: Into the Media Dark

In this first episode, we discover what the United Nations Development Programme means by India's media dark, we find a broadband wireless tower made entirely from junk, and children from different castes sing together on a videoconferencing

Inside the Information Society: Back to the blog. Four starting points to think about the future

What has changed since the early days of the internet? David Souter returns with four thoughts which seem important when looking forward.  

Collaboration Is Essential to Improving Maternal and Newborn Health in Indonesia

September 14, 2018
It'll take a nation to change the numbers for Indonesia's moms and babies.

Can big data be used in evaluation?

(New York, USA) This event will discuss a recent paper on the feasibility of leveraging big data sources—particularly Twitter, Facebook, and radio data—to improve the evaluation of gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives.

Who can still doubt the capacity of community networks to provide universal access?

The Third Summit on Community Networks in Africa took place on 2-7 September 2018 in Eastern Cape, South Africa, with the aim of promoting the creation and growth of community networks on the continent.

Big Data for Better Lives: Mobile, Statistics & Insights

(New York, USA) Saving time and resources to relief organizations, big data is redefining how the world responds to those in need – and Member States are leading the way in demonstrating how this innovation can be scaled.

Accelerating SDGs Through Digital Innovation

(New York, USA) UNDP, UN Global Pulse and Microsoft will host a high level reception to showcase the power of technology for public good on the margins of the UN General Assembly. 
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