The How and Why: Building The New Crowdmap.com

We’ve been discussing the new Crowdmap.com recently, and our own Brandon Rosage has shared some great videos of the new UX we’re feverishly working on. We thought it would be a good time to discuss how we’re building the new Crowdmap.com, and why we’ve taken the approach we have.

Hacking on Crisis Data: Our Open Source Day experience at GHC 2014

“The Mecca for Women in Tech” – That’s what Linda terms the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing to be. It probably is :). Linda, Chris, Brian and I had the honor of being able to attend this year’s celebration in Phoenix, Arizona.

Data Science and the Ushahidi Platform

You might be wondering why the Director of Data Projects is writing code for the Ushahidi Platform.  I’d think that strange too, but as a good old-fashioned data scientist, I care very much about data sources, formats and access, and couldn’t pass up the chance to influence the ways that Ushahidi Platform imports and exports datasets and data summaries.

Ushahidi 3.0 Development Release

If you’ve been following Ushahidi 3.0, you know we’ve been working on it for a while, and might have noticed that we’ve been fairly quiet about it lately. That’s because the V3 team has been heads down these past few months working on getting it built and out to our community. It’s finally time to show off some of what we’ve done.

Weekly: Preserving Heritage in Indonesia, Data Ethics Hangouts

Deployment of the Week
This week, we acknowledge the efforts of the Pantau Pusaka Indonesia team towards providing a platform for citizens to share updates on preservation of endangered heritage.

Weekly: Reevo Maps, Micromappers and Cameroon Election Help!

Deployment of the week
This week, we recognise the efforts of the Reevo team to build a virtual platform that reflects diverse and multiple alternative education initiatives worldwide.

Crowdmap Public Beta: Get a Demo and learn more

Post seamlessly with no friction. We’ve got a demo and some more ‘Under the hood’ and ‘next steps’ for Crowdmap. Here’s a recording of our Crowdmap Public Beta Demo and Chat.
Brian Herbert and Evan Sims join us to give a demo, talk about Crowdmap and answer your questions.

Community Hours @ Crowdmap

You requested it, we’re making it happen. You asked for Community Hours to meet each other and learn while we all build expertise. The goal of Community Hours is to bring you together to talk about everything from best practices, how to do various topical maps (eg.

Open or not open? That is the question.

For many of the open source “purists” in the ICT4D field, there is only one (relatively rigid) way to run an open source project.

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