Sensory storytelling: what are artists’ responsibilities when creating immersive digital experiences?

Karen Palmer is a digital filmmaker and storyteller from London who’s doing a dual residence at ThoughtWorks in Manhattan and TED New York to further develop a project called RIOT, described as an ‘emotionally responsive, live-action film with 3D sound.’ The film uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, various biometric reading

Pepsi Refresh Everything Project Fund

Every year mega companies spend millions of dollars getting a spot in the super bowl commercials. This year Pepsi however decided to use the money for a different purpose—funding innovative project ideas of various levels and sizes! Yes, you heard it right. They've decided to give money to YOU instead of the Super Bowl. The really cool thing is not only the ideas and projects can span a wide range of topics, but also be at different stages of development. They have grants as small as $5K for individuals looking for inspiration to get an idea off the ground, to those as big as $250K for organizations who can dedicate a lot of time and resources. More details on how to get started in this video:

Artistic data

Picture of Aaron Koblin's airplane flight pattern (by flickr/Steve Rhodes)
Any social entrepreneur who has ever pitched an idea to a donor, or explained a service to a beneficiary knows the importance of good salesmanship: a great story, narrative, catchy graphic design materials, in short, an artistic representation of a concept.

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