First Ushahidi deployment in Russia receives “Internet Oscar”

The first deployment of Ushahidi in Russia – the “Help Map” project ( that worked as a mutual aid coordination platform during unprecedented wildfires last summer – received the most prestigious award of the Russian Internet.

Ushahidi Wins the BoBs!

Ushahidi has won the Weblog of the Year award from Deutsche Welle. I’m at the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany where I spent yesterday taking part in the BoB’s (Best of Blogs) 6th award ceremony.

Ushahidi wins the Weblog of the Year AwardUshahidi wins the Weblog of the Year Award

“Living a boys adventure tale”

I was no different to many other children my age, taking every opportunity to get my hands on a National Geographic magazine and flicking through each colourful page in wonder and amazement. I’d get most of mine cheap from jumble sales back then – I can afford to buy them full price these days – but that sense of fascination remains.

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