Nairobi: Announcing funding from Omidyar Network

Two years ago we announced our first partnership with Omidyar Network, where they put $1.4m towards Ushahidi over the next 2.5 years. What most people don’t realize about ON, is just how much they bring to the table beyond funding, including strategic advice, human capital help, leadership training and network connections.

Sinsai, Harassmap and Zabatak win Awards

Congratulations to the, and teams for winning awards for all their hard work. All three projects demonstrate the power of communities using their voices. Simply put: we’re delighted!

Future Quotient Report recognizes Ushahidi

Ushahidi is honoured to be recognized by the Future Quotient Report of the 50 Stars of Seriously Long-Term Innovation.

Sponsor the eMazingira team for the World Summit Youth?

Congratulations to the eMazingira team for being selected as a Runner-Up in the 2011 World Summit Youth Award! The eMagingira Environmental Campaign has been selected by the WSYA Jury 2011 as the WSYA Runner-Up in the 2011 competition and will be issued with a certificate/trophy at the Winners’ Event 2011 in Graz,

Recognizing Ushahidi Deployment Partners

The Ushahidi community consists of a diverse group of people who have helped extend, translate and deploy the platform around the world. The Beta version in 2009 was translated into Spanish, even before Swahili. That early adoption and use lay the groundwork for even more adoption in Latin America, and with other deployment partners, we saw uses from India, Kenya, Afghanistan and many others.

Introducing Official Partner and Trusted Developer Badges

The Ushahidi platform would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the amazing support of the Ushahidi community. Members of the community continuously improve the open source software, deploy the technology in truly inspiring ways and share invaluable feedback with the Ushahidi team.

First Ushahidi deployment in Russia receives “Internet Oscar”

The first deployment of Ushahidi in Russia – the “Help Map” project ( that worked as a mutual aid coordination platform during unprecedented wildfires last summer – received the most prestigious award of the Russian Internet.

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