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Computer Aid International

REPACTED has been awarded 25 computers from computer AID Internation in UK and all the computers are Pentium Fours fully installed and with Cables, we are planning to use this computers to start a digital center in Nakuru and enhance the use of online tools by young people we ae fundraising around 2080 Sterling Pounds for shipping them to Kenya we will appreciate any help given.
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Blogging the Dream: Strategies and Challenges

The Orizonturi Foundation’s “Blogging the Dream” project has completed its practicum period and continues to develop and expand its Blogging Club.

FOKO: Doing More For The Community

Although many FOKO members were starting classes at University, April was a busy month with activities for FOKO Blog Club. Joan Razafimaharo summarizes a number of community events where the FOKO bloggers participated.

[Video] Ceasefire Liberia in Staten Island

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