Climate Change

ICTs and climate change mitigation in developing countries

Urgent action is required to reduce green house gase emissions. Developing countries overall are significant emitters, and they must maximise the use of ICTs.
The briefing outlines:

Using interactive web tools in environmental planning to improve communication about sustainable development

This article examines how communication in the context of environmental issues can be supported by modern web tools, social media, and new visualization approaches. Furthermore, the potential of social media to support communication about sustainability on a local scale and the prerequisites for its use in the planning process are discussed.

The Climate Change-Conflict Nexus

Does climate change cause conflict? The question is more than theoretical, and may have profound consequences at the United Nations and for the effort to reach an internationally binding climate change agreement.

Osama Bin Laden, aid expert

From the New York Times:
We are in need of a big change in the method of relief work because the number of victims is great due to climate changes in modern times

How Much Gas Do You Emit?

This post was submitted by Preethi Sundararaman, an Ashoka Summer Associate working with the FEC Healthcare for All team.

How Climate Change and Gender Inequality Go Hand in Hand

New research by the UN, WEDO and the University of London shows that climate change has a disproportionate effect on women, worsening global gender inequalities.

While war, poverty, health and a range of other pressing global issues affect women worldwide, climate wouldn't be one of the first you'd think of. Well, think again.

Climate Blowback: What I didn’t say was not what I didn’t mean not to say

My post criticizing Sachs on climate change got many negative responses yesterday. The main problem was that I was much too terse about an issue that people care a lot about (you should probably apply a “weekend discount” to things I post on weekends!). So some understandably jumped to conclusions about what I was saying, which were inaccurate.

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