Ted Turner and Sen Tim Wirth at the UN Today for Investors Summit on Climate Risk

UN Foundation President Tim Wirth and Chair Ted Turner appeared on CNBC this morning to talk about Haiti and about a major meeting on green investing at the UN.

Haiti has justifiably been taking up alot of energy and focus of the United Nations over the last two days. But it is worth noting that there has been a long scheduled meeting of entrepreneurs and investors concerned about climate change at the UN today.

Brookings Survey Shows Public View on Climate Change Mercurial at Best

New Brookings report on Americans' view of climate shows that the climate/weather "joke" is no laughing matter.

I don't want to seem humorless, and I do agree with Jason that there is a "tendency of nearly everyone to joke about wintertime cold spells" as counter-evidence to global warming.

Copenhagen Reconsidered: An Interview With a Delegate

Tom Hilde, a delegate to the recent UN Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, argues that the meeting accomplished more than most people think.

Tom Hilde is a professor at the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland. He attended the Copenhagen Summit as a delegate with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and covered the conference for the Center for American Progress and Climate Progress. UN Dispatch caught up with him in early January.

Short film: “The Bill”

Someone mentioned this short film on Twitter the other day and today I finally had a chance to watch it. Definitely very nicely done and some good food for thought…

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