Brookings Survey Shows Public View on Climate Change Mercurial at Best

New Brookings report on Americans' view of climate shows that the climate/weather "joke" is no laughing matter.

I don't want to seem humorless, and I do agree with Jason that there is a "tendency of nearly everyone to joke about wintertime cold spells" as counter-evidence to global warming.

Copenhagen Reconsidered: An Interview With a Delegate

Tom Hilde, a delegate to the recent UN Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, argues that the meeting accomplished more than most people think.

Tom Hilde is a professor at the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland. He attended the Copenhagen Summit as a delegate with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and covered the conference for the Center for American Progress and Climate Progress. UN Dispatch caught up with him in early January.

Short film: “The Bill”

Someone mentioned this short film on Twitter the other day and today I finally had a chance to watch it. Definitely very nicely done and some good food for thought…

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