Crisis Mapping Syria: An Important Update

[Guest blog post by Syrian activist, author identity withheld for security reasons]

Haiti and the Power of Crowdsourcing

It’s been two years today since Haiti’s devastating earthquake… here’s a blog post from then on the power of crowdsourcing in crisis response.
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Amplifying Somali Voices Using SMS and a Live Map: #SomaliaSpeaks

Somalia has been steadily slipping from global media attention over the past few months. The large scale crisis is no longer making headline news, which means that advocacy and lobbying groups are finding it increasingly difficult to place pressure on policymakers and humanitarian organizations to scale their intervention in the Horn of Africa.

Crowdmapping the Van Earthquake in Turkey with Al Jazeera

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera launched this Crowdmap within hours of the earthquake that struck eastern Turkey on October, 23, 2011. The crisis map includes information on needs, help facilities and salvage work.

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