Crowdmap & Ushahidi as a Museum

We are in the business of big data. Our products transform a deluge of information across the world and make them meaningful to communities around the world. We design systems and tools that curate information that we hope to make impactful to people in terms of crisis.

Weekly: Eye on Amendments,3.0 Dev release and Crowdmap API Wrangling

Deployment of the Week
This week, we recognise the effort of the team at One De Olho Nas Emendas, who are engaging with citizens in Brasilia to track the effect of amendments of the district’s budget and highlight cases of corruption.

Here Be Dragons: Looking back on Crowdmap at Mozfest

Angie and I got an opportunity to be a part of this year’s Mozilla Festival, joining hundreds of web makers from across the globe as they came together to teach and learn from each other.

Crowdmap at Mozilla Festival 2013

Just a reminder — Crowdmap is heading to the 2013 Mozilla Festival! Join Evan Sims and Angela Oduor in London this Friday, October 25th through the 27th as we hack APIs, chat about the future o

Ushahidi via USSD

The mobile phone has been at the core of Ushahidi’s strategy when building tools for citizen engagement. Its ubiquitous nature makes it the easiest tool to use and ensure that a vast majority of citizens can actively participate.

Shipping It: A 2013 Ushahidi Update

2013 has proved to be a big one for us at Ushahidi. Coming from a 2012 where a lot was done, but where we all felt we weren’t shipping enough product, the acceleration has proved to be refreshing. At this year’s meeting we made a commitment to organize better towards this, and the fruits have borne out.

Weekly: FoodSync, Tech for emergencies, and Plugins!

Deployment of the week
We applaud the efforts of, utilizing the power of technology to reduce waste and connect surplus food to the hungry by mapping out food donations from participating vendors and delivery of these donations to organizations in the US.

Weekly: Compassion Games, Crisis maps in Athens, and Releases!

Deployment of the Week
This week, we recognise two deployments for their outstanding work and efforts.
Crisis scape embark on a mission to trace and research cases of migrant attacks in Athens.

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