Experimenting with Aid Information

[Alena Stern ’12 is an AidData research assistant at the College of William and Mary]

Universities for Ushahidi: Mapping as a Peacebuilding Tool

The Universities for Ushahidi (U4U) program kicks off at the US Institute of Peace (USIP) today. This week long U4U training program was inspired by the student run Ushahidi maps for the Haiti and Chile earthquakes last year.

Algorithms Augmenting Human Decisions

Here’s an update about the SwiftRiver platform from PDF11 which I had the pleasure of speaking at yesterday. My slides are below and here you can find video of my presentation.

Radical Collaboration

A few weeks ago in Cape Town, South Africa, I gave a talk about distributed collaboration (crowdsourcing) and social currency. The general idea is that very little of what makes such collaboration work has to do with technology.

Voix des Kivus: A Crowd-Seeding System in DRC

[Guest blog post by Peter van der Windt, PhD candidate in Political Science at Columbia University focusing on Africa.

The Trust Bridge

We went into the first deployment of Ushahidi (Kenya 2008) with eyes wide shut. We had some ideas about an open platform for crowdsourcing via mobiles and the web, but we had no real clue what would happen. When we launched, we blogged it. That was all. Yet it went national and international.
Why did it work?

A Word from the Evaluators of the Ushahidi Haiti Project

[Guest blog post by the principal co-investigators of the Ushahidi Haiti Project evaluation]

Crisis Mapping Japan

[Guest blog post by Hal Seki, the managing director of]
Hi, my name is Hal Seki. I am the managing director of

The Immediacy of the Crowd

Ushahidi is often deployed for crisis and disaster response, where information needs to be timely.

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