Hurricane Sandy in Maps

As the North Eastern coast of the US and Canada prepare for Hurricane Sandy, so has the crisismapping community. Citizens helping citizens during emergencies is important. We hope that you are safe and prepared. From the Google Crisis Response map, you can see the storm’s progression.

Help Tell Mama UK measure Anti-Muslim Attacks

Tell Mama Uk needs your help. The Faith Matters team deployment has been created to amplify anti-muslim hate speech.

Weekly: Swift Day, Translate SMSSync & Hacks

From Swift days to autumn nights, we have a few tasks for the community, upcoming events and a big congratulations to our corruption mapping Deployment of the week.

Behind the map: crises and crisis collectives in high-tech actions

[Guest post by Fiona Gedeon Achi. About: Fiona Gedeon Achi will be starting a PhD in Anthropology this Fall at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. She hopes to focus on issues related to global health and human rights.

Crowdsourcing and Consumer Rights Advocacy?

Question: Is there an opportunity to use Crowdsourcing technology to figure out where consumers are being let down by brands or outright being lied to? Could Crowdsourcing play a role in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of companies vis a vis engagement?

Improving Beijing’s Urban Transportation with Crowdsourced Mapping

[Guest blog post written by Anahi Ayala Iacucci, Innovation and New Technologies advisor. Anahi was the Ushahidi strategy consultant for the Beijing project in 2011. She blogs at Diary of a Crisis Mapper]

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