Liberia’s elections map – one week on, with new features

It has been a week since Liberia’s presidential elections; during that time, the pervasive peace on election day has given way to opposition’s claims of electoral fraud as well as a few incidents of violence including two cases of

Addressing concerns about Liberia’s election instance

The Ushahidi Liberia team received a comment from Timo Luege on our recent elections post that raised concerns and criticisms about the elections instance.

Where crime runs deep, Ushahidi Liberia goes local

Since Ushahidi Liberia began over a year ago, our team has been crowdseeding rather than crowdsourcing.  This has been the conscious choice of our 20+ partner organizations in-country, who have trusted field reporters and a shared reluctance about involving the crowd in a context where rumors and mob violence are

Ushahidi and Google team up in Liberia for elections

iLab Liberia was bustling last week with Ushahidi Liberia and Google’s event, “New Tech at Work: Planning for Liberia’s Elections and Beyond.”  The event was broken into two sections – a two-day session at iLab and a public one-day session at the delicious and spacious PA’s Ribhouse (good bbq and a big hall – what else is there?).  Here’s a bit about what we covered and how it went.

Experimenting with Aid Information

[Alena Stern ’12 is an AidData research assistant at the College of William and Mary]

Universities for Ushahidi: Mapping as a Peacebuilding Tool

The Universities for Ushahidi (U4U) program kicks off at the US Institute of Peace (USIP) today. This week long U4U training program was inspired by the student run Ushahidi maps for the Haiti and Chile earthquakes last year.

Algorithms Augmenting Human Decisions

Here’s an update about the SwiftRiver platform from PDF11 which I had the pleasure of speaking at yesterday. My slides are below and here you can find video of my presentation.

“What really happened?”: Using Swiftriver to help confirm newstips

[Guest blog post by Jenka Soderberg, a 2011 Knight Fellow at Stanford University and Evening News Director at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon. She can be reached at jenka [at] stanford [dot] edu].

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