Closing mobile’s data divide

Good mobile data is hard to come by. Much is either speculative, out of date or – if based on more recent research – expensive. And what is freely available is often spread far and wide across the Web.

Back at National Geographic

I was no different to many other children my age, taking every opportunity to get my hands on a National Geographic magazine and flicking through each colourful page in wonder and amazement. I’d get most of mine cheap from jumble sales back then – I can afford to buy them full price these days – but that sense of fascination remains.

The Open GeoSMS plug-in for Ushahidi

[Guest blog post by Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang from Tawain's Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI.]

Ushahidi Platform v2.4 – Bug Fix Release

It’s that time of the month again when we release a newer version of the Ushahidi platform.
As with the last one, this is also a bug fix release so no new features – just some ironing on what already exists. The Ushahidi core platform and Crowdmap are both updated.

Weekly: Launches, map layers, RHOK & coding

We have a few community launches to share this week, plus code changes and preparing for RHOK. Anyone can update the Ushahidi weekly. All you need is a wiki account. Let us know what you are working on or need help with.

Weekly: Elections, Security & Crowdmap Maintenance

We have few major updates this week including a security patch, our community developer call recording and an upcoming research workshop. Here are some highlights from the Ushahidi weekly:

Announcing V2.3 Juba – Bug Fix Release

As communicated in our last platform release, we are adopting a monthly release cycle. Today we are happy to announce v2.3 of the platform which is mainly a follow up of Juba. It is mainly a bug-fix release and some of these are outlined below:

Crowdmap: We’re making changes

As a policy we try to keep the community as informed as possible when major service disruptions occur. Last Friday, March 30, 2012, Ushahidi and Crowdmap experienced a period of extended downtime due to a combination of external factors occurring at our hosting provider’s data center.

Security Update for Ushahidi

We are issuing an Security update for Ushahidi’s core platform. Please update your deployments with the most current security patch. (Our cloud-based service, Crowdmap, and all your Crowdmaps were updated.)
Security Update details:
SA-WEB-2012-002 – Ushahidi Web – Multiple Vulnerabilities

Ushahidi Weekly #1

At Ushahidi, we move fast. We have two weekly internal team meetings (whole team and tech team). We’ve heard from you that the barrage of content is overwhelming and that you would like an Ushahidi Weekly Summary. Now that the wiki is launched, we have a permanent home for collaborative weekly reports for the community and core team.

Launching the New Wiki and Video Initiatives

I dream of Ushahidi community members sharing best practices and mentoring others to change their world. To make this more possible, we have a new wiki and video channel. Both community zones are available for all of you to collaborate and share content. But, most of all, build, spread and change Ushahidi. Ushahidi exists to give people voice.

Juba: Announcing Ushahidi v2.2

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that phase of the software development life-cycle when the ninjas at Ushahidi share what they have been working on: Ushahidi Version 2.2 code -named Juba. Juba is a city in South Sudan. (We name all our code releases after African cities.)

Crowdmap Online

Crowdmap services are back online. Our sincerest apologies to all Crowdmap deployers and their followers for this extended outage.

Full Speed ahead with Github Issues

Github Issues is the new official home for all technical issues/ticketing at Ushahidi. The previously announced migration to Github from the now retired RedMine is complete.

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