‘Beating down’ food prices in Nigeria

News and economyAs well as chicken in South Africa and moreGet your boxing gloves on: Nigeria’s president has formed a task force to

Cocoa producers in Ivory Coast don’t like what they see

News and economyAnd more trending newsInvestment in Ivory Coast’s cocoa industry appears to be slowing down in the wake of mil

South Africa is looking for a post-Brexit deal with the UK

News and economyAnd in corporate news: big buy-outsSouth Africa sees opportunities to sell more of its agricultural produce, particularly wine and fruit, to the U.K.

Raising money is getting tough for Africa

Markets and investingDebt and debt sustainability has become a common theme in regards to Africa in recent times. In times past, countries across the continent ventured into the international debt markets and the markets looked favorably upon them, after all, Africa was rising!

It is somewhat of a mystery why Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves are increasing

News and economyAnd: buying military hardware in Kenya, among other storiesHigh inflation and weak growth in Africa’s top two economies, Nigeria and South Africa will likely push central bankers to

How low can South Africa go in 2017?

Some analysts say all the way to junk (but there’s some good news)

Inflation, inflation, inflation

Prices of goods in Egypt tripled in 2016, Nigeria will spend N1.1Bn for a N500Mn project

Time to think message and motivation

Few companies succeed if they don’t take the time to understand their users. Fewer non-profit ventures succeed if they don’t either.

Smart mobs, flash mobs. Meet cash mobs.

A couple of months ago I wrote about my new initiative – Means of Exchange – which focuses on how emerging, everyday technologies can be used to democratise opportunities for economic self-sufficiency, rebuild local communities and promote a return to local resource use.

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