One Children's Song, Translated Into Australia's Many Local Languages

Languages and cultures may differ, but the joyful sound of children singing is universal. A song called “Marrin Gamu,” created for primary school children and teachers to promote the diversity and beauty of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, is proving just that.

The Language is Among Us: The Third Audio Documentary in the “Müpüley Tain Mapudungun” Series

In this third part of the project “Müpüley Tain Mapudungun” (Our Mapudungun Soaring), the participants at the workshop reflect on language.

Come Along on a Canoe Ride Through the Amazon With Young Sarayaku Footballers

Imagine traveling 67 kilometers by motorized canoe in search of a rival for a sporting match. That is what the young footballers from the Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon must do every week for regular competition.

Exploring Taboos: When Women Are Blamed for Being Harassed

The second round of workshops in the Exploring Taboos project was recently held in Cairo organized by Nazra team, and at the same time bloggers who took part in the first round of workshops kept on writing about social taboos in Egypt. Under the title “Sexual Rabies”, the blogger Freedom Fighter published post looking back at some of the sexual harassment that took place in early October, as people were celebrating the Muslim feast (Eid).

FOKO: Expansion And Collaborations

We have got some exciting updates from the FOKO Madagascar project. FOKO has completed its expansion efforts in Northern Madagascar. The SAVA region and Antsiranana are now part of the FOKO network. More news from the project Blog:

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