The First Mobile Phone Network for Indigenous Communities in Mexico Is Under Threat

Photograph from the public Facebook profile of Redes, A.C., an organization that is part of Indigenous Community Telecommunications, A.C.

“We Need to Create Together Digital Neighbourhoods Where We Can Operate Without Fear”

https://rising.globalvoices.org/files/2017/10/Kefir-400x223.jpg 400w" sizes=" 705px) 100vw, 705px" />Screenshot f

New Zealand Artists Launch ‘We Are Beneficiaries’ Social Media Campaign to Highlight Welfare Concerns

‘We Are Beneficiaries’ is a social media project that aims to shed light on the issues faced by New Zealand welfare recipients.

Brazil’s First Indigenous Online Radio Station Uses Digital Media to Promote Native Languages and Communities

Rádio Yandê producers in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Official Rádio Yandê Facebook page, published with permission.

The Internet Presents Opportunities and Challenges for Revitalizing Tasmania's Aboriginal Language

Horace Watson recording the songs of Fanny Cochrane Smith, one of the last fluent speakers of a Tasmanian language, using an Edison phonogr

With an Eye on the Future, First Nations in Canada Are Switching From Audio Cassettes to Digital

Audio cassette digitization workshop. Photo provided by the UBC Library and used with permission from Indigitization.
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