Community networks and local access monthly newsletter – number 5

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Magdalene magazine gives a platform to women and other marginalized sectors of Indonesia

“I am Magdalene. I contain multitudes.” Picture courtesy of Magdalene, used with permission.

We Matter: An Internet Campaign That Shares Hope and Healing with Indigenous Youth

Siblings Tunchai and Kelvin Redvers started the multi-media ‘We Matter’ campaign in 2016 to encourage Canadian Indigenous youth, li

How Indigenous Communities Are Using Data to ‘Reframe’ Their Narratives Through Digital Storytelling

Andrés Tapia, Apawki Castro, and Juan Diego Andrango were some of the people who participated in the first series of the Ref

The First Mobile Phone Network for Indigenous Communities in Mexico Is Under Threat

Photograph from the public Facebook profile of Redes, A.C., an organization that is part of Indigenous Community Telecommunications, A.C.

Exploring Taboos: When Women Are Blamed for Being Harassed

The second round of workshops in the Exploring Taboos project was recently held in Cairo organized by Nazra team, and at the same time bloggers who took part in the first round of workshops kept on writing about social taboos in Egypt. Under the title “Sexual Rabies”, the blogger Freedom Fighter published post looking back at some of the sexual harassment that took place in early October, as people were celebrating the Muslim feast (Eid).

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