Give Us Your Sexist Data, And We Will Give You an Apple Watch!

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8 Economic Barriers Responsible for India’s Gender Digital Divide

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Women Gain When You Give Poor People Cash via Mobile Money

That’s the basic question asked by GiveDirectly in their overall business model to give unconditional cash transfers to poor Kenyans via M-Pesa. Based on a large evidence base, they believed it would have a net positive effect – maybe larger than other development program activities like training or capacity building.

Closing mobile’s “gender divide”

At the Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong last November, I sat and listened as Jeffrey Sachs described mobile connectivity as “the single most important instrument for development that we have“. Few people would disagree.

Would Ulysses have taken out a microfinance loan?

Ulysses Before facing the temptation of the song of the Sirens, Ulysses famously had his crew tie him to the mast of his boat. He commanded his crew members not to untie him until he had passed the certain death that would have awaited him if he had been allowed to give in to temptation. It turns out this ancient morality tale has a modern equivalent in the form of microfinance self help groups.

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