Innovating Government at Making All Voices Count

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Last Tuesday, 240 of the country’s top climate scientists and experts released the third National Climate Assessment (NCA). The report details the current and best understanding of how climate change is already impacting Americans’ health and livelihoods in every region of the country.

Do Only English Speakers Pay Taxes? Government Websites and Multilinguals

Here at Forum One we’ve worked on many multilingual sites (including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Kurdish, and Chinese). Multilingual sites can be complex in terms of technology and maintenance – but in a multicultural and multilingual world, they are also highly effective.

Behind the Scenes with Obamacare

If you've been reading the press coverage lately, it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that Obamacare mostly involves a faulty website launch and periodic consumer sticker shock.

A 20 Percent Tax on Mobile Phones: What is Ghana’s Parliament Thinking?

I am not Ghanian. I do not live in Ghana. So maybe I am missing something obvious. But I am very confused as to why Ghana’s Parliament passed a bill to re-impose a 20 percent import duty on mobile telephone handsets.

How New Technologies Can Make Every Voice Count in Government Activities

Ten years ago, leveraging information and communication technology for development was all about getting people an email address.

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