The Value of ICT in Humanitarian Relief Efforts

Mark Summer, Inveneo's Chief Innovation Officer, also leads our effort to bring needed information and communication technologies to Haiti.

Haiti, Web 2.0, and Humanitarianism: Change before you have to *.

[Guest blog post by Catherine Caron, a postgraduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she got a MSc in Development Management and wrote her dissertation on "The Impact of Web 2.0 Tools on the Humanitarian Aid Industry:  A Case Study of the Response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake"]

United States Institute of Peace Report on Ushahidi-Haiti

As many fans and supporters of Ushahidi recall, the Ushahidi−Haiti Project raised the profile of crisis mapping to a new level.  It demonstrated the potential of crowdsourced maps for targeted disaster response to a broad and empowered  audience and provided a useful foundational model for the international community to leverage and improve upon in advance of future emergencies.

What we learned from Haiti and where to go in Pakistan?

[Cross-posted from PakReport Blog, written by Jaro Valuch of Konpa Group]
It was clear pretty early after the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 that the disaster was exceptional in the scale of destruction as well as it was exceptional in the scale and type of response it triggered. Particularly unprecedential was the response from tech and crisis mapping community.

Haiti, Noula and the Humanitarian Community

[Cross-posted from Konpa Group Blog, written by Sabina Carlson]
I have read a number of the stories written about the Ushahidi Haiti Deployment, some of which said that it served as a lifeline for many Haitians affected by the earthquake of January 12th. And as the rescue phase transitioned into the recovery phase, as disaster slowly transitioned into development, and as incidents gave way to indicators, our team decided that our platform  had served its purpose and that it was time to close Haiti.ushahidi.com. Our site would always be kept up to serve as a snapshot of the crisis phase.

Wyclef Jean for Prez?

In a world where being an actor, a rock star, or sex video vixen is sufficient qualification for people to sit up and pay attention to your ideas about how to solve world poverty, it comes as no great shock that Wyclef Jean has decided to run for President of Haiti. Herewith, we attempt two arguments in favor of the former Fugees frontman’s candidacy, and two against.
In Favor:

Attorney Duo Creates Microfinance Project to Aid Haitian Farmers…

Thomas Adcock
New York Law Journal     July 22, 2010
Ralph Delouis and R. Andrew Richards scarcely knew one another at the New York offices of McCarter & English before their June mission to Haiti, which had been ravaged by the aftermath of January’s earthquake. But what they had in common was [...]

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