American Idol Kris Allen Visits Haiti (Video)

American Idol Winner Kris Allen visited Haiti with the United Nations Foundation. UN Dispatch gets first dibs at some hot-off-the-press videos of the trip.

Kris Allen (who won last year's American Idol competition) and UN Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin travelled to Haiti last week.  The trip is part of the television show's forthcoming episode dedicated to Haiti, which will air on Thursday and help raise funds UN relief efforts.    

Taking the Lead: Ushahidi-Haiti @ Tufts

The outstanding volunteer team at Tufts University has played an instrumental role in Ushahidi’s response to Haiti. They  trained hundreds of volunteers and set up Situation Rooms in Washington DC, Geneva, London and Portland. Together, they mapped over 3,000 urgent and actionable reports on Ushahidi-Haiti from a multitude of sources including text messages from Haiti. They also coordinated directly with responders on the ground and helped save hundreds of lives.

What Will Happen to Haitian Amputees?

What happens when suddenly 100,000 people lose limbs? One answer might be an affordable prosthetic foot developed in India.

Time.com ran an article yesterday that addressed a tough question – what is going to happen to amputees in Haiti? What happens to a culture that has traditionally excluded amputees when suddenly 100,000 people lose limbs? And how do those amputees get the medical care that they need? One answer might be an affordable prosthetic foot developed in India.

Yurts for Haiti?

Could a six-sided yurt be the answer to transitional housing in Haiti?

Wired magazine ran a piece today about the Hexayurt, a six-sided structure designed to be cheap, durable, and easily assembled. It’s not a new design; it was created years ago by Vinay Gupta and promoting it has been a longstanding project for him. However, the Wired article suggests a new and interesting use for the Hexayurt – emergency housing in Haiti.

HIVOS funding and Ushahidi

HIVOS-logoToday it’s our pleasure to announce support from the Hivos Foundation, a Dutch non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to a fair, free and sustainable world. Hivos confirmed their support to Ushahidi several weeks ago, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to put their funds to use. The recent deployment in Haiti presents just such an occasion.

Aucun homme n'est une île: les solutions TIC pour reconnecter Haïti

Dix jours après le violent séisme en Haïti, deux techniciens d’Inveneo, CIO Mark Summer et Andris Bjornson, sont arrivés sur place pour le déploiement d’un réseau wifi longue distance dont bénéficieront les organisations partenaires de NetHope situées à Port-au-Prince. Ce réseau permettra à ces organisations humanitaires d’accéder à l’Internet, d’utiliser la téléphonie VoIP, de collaborer et de partager l’information.
Après une catastrophe naturelle, la restauration de la communication est essentielle et plusieurs organismes comme Inveneo sont en train de mettre en place leurs propres solutions TIC afin de soutenir les efforts de la reconstruction en Haïti :

Big Crisis, Small Help: Microcredit’s role in crisis relief…

Hollywood couldn’t have done it better. Late in the afternoon on Jan. 22, an armored car packed with $2 million in cash rolled out of J.P. Morgan Chase headquarters in downtown Miami, headed to the Homestead Air Force Base. Thirty-four bricks of bank notes packed into ordinary office supply boxes were loaded onto a C-17 [...]

CGAP: Haiti’s Path to Recovery…

CGAP: On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, causing immense destruction in the densely populated capital of Port-au-Prince and nearby areas. This natural disaster killed over 200,000 people and uprooted the lives of millions, bringing unspeakable personal losses to the population of an already poor country.
Three weeks after the earthquake, some [...]

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