Introducing the VC4Africa Matchamking Business Plan Cruncher

Ever go to a website where you had to spend 3-4 hours uploading your business plan? And maybe then you never heard from a real person again? There is probably nothing more frustrating to an entrepreneur. I mean lets face it, time is money and every second you spend on documentation you could spend doing business.
So on the new VC4Africa website, we've launched a business plan cruncher to make a better matchmaking between you and investors.

ICT4D advice for technologists, corporations, and development organizations from Plan Kwale

Salim Mvurya, Plan Kwale's District Area Manager
As I mentioned in my previous post, Plan’s Kwale District office in Kenya has been a role model for Plan on how to integrate ICTs into community-led programming to help reach development goals and improve access to children's rights.

How Plan Kwale has been using ICT in their programs since 2003

Salim Mvurya, Plan Kwale's District Area Manager
Plan’s Kwale District office in Kenya has been very successful in building innovative community-led programming that incorporates new ICTs. I had the opportunity to interview Salim Mvurya, the Area Manager, last week, and was really struck by his insights on how to effectively incorporate ICTs into community-led processes to reach development goals and improve on child rights, child protection and governance.

M4D Overview: an Introduction to Mobile Phones for Development


The "M4D Overview 1.0: the 2009 Introduction to Mobile for Development" report aspires to provide an overview of studies on mobile telephony in a developing country context.

Usage of Open Source and Proprietary Software in Ghana


As part of FOSS Advocacy in West Africa and Beyond - (FOSSWAY), Worlali Senyo recently captured key findings in a comparison of Proprietary Software (PS) and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) usage in Ghana. Below is a summary of his findings.
Most people use Proprietary Software

Village Telco and OpenBTS Networks: Technology Overview and Challenges

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Village Telco and OpenBTS are different technologies but they have a lot in common. One big thing they have in common is the belief that telephone networks don't need to be run by top-down command and control organisations, that anyone with some expertise and comparatively modest resources should be able to start their own phone company.
I'll give a brief summary of both and then explain the challenges that each face.

A Short History of Low-Cost Computers: From the IBM PCjr to Simputer to OLPC

Historically, there have been numerous initiatives targeting the creation of "computers for the poor," but the quest for such devices has been an elusive one.


Arguably, the original "low-cost PC" was IBM's PCjr, which was launched in 1983 with much fanfare, including a magazine devoted to coverage of it even before its actual release. The product led to a wave of clones, some fairly successful, including the Tandy 1000, though it did not itself succeed in the market due to design issues.
Low-cost innovation

Afrinnovator Interviews Teddy Ruge on Technology in Africa

TMS Ruge: Africa & Tech – Hype or Hope

"In terms of talking about technology in Africa, its easy to get excited about all the connectivity we're about to get. 17 Terabytes of online capacity by 2012. We already have four innovation centers coming up in Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.
But the thing to remember about technology and all of this connectivity and access that we're getting, is that all of it is not necessarily going to be the panacea for Africa's problems. Technology in its essence here on the continent, should really be an enabler, versus the final solution."

Girls and ICTs: New ICT4D Report on Digital and Urban Frontiers for Girls

The urban and digital environments are the 21st century's fastest-growing spheres. Both offer enormous potential for girls around the world, but prejudice and poverty exclude millions of girls from taking advantages of the transformative possibilities that cities and information and communication technologies (ICTs) can offer. Exploitation and the threat of violence exist in both urban spaces and in cyberspace, especially for the most marginalized and vulnerable girls.

Download the ICTworks Nokia App for Mobile Phones in the Ovi Store

Do you have a Nokia mobile phone? Want to keep up with ICTworks news and network activity? Then download the ICTworks Nokia app from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Before you think this was some technical feat, I used the handy Ovi App Wizard to create the ICTworks application in about 5 minutes. Its that simple.
The ICTworks app for Nokia mobile phones joins the ICtworks iPhone App we created in January.
The Hard Part: User Adoption

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