eHealth Points to scale across 5 northern Indian states - mHealth Summit 2010 Announcement

Healthpoint Services is the first scalable integration of telemedicine, clean water, diagnostics and a robust generic pharmacy. The e Health Point integrated solution enables real foundational healthcare and water delivered in a sustainable, profitable manner via a village clinic or "health point" - doctor visits and over 80 diagnostic tests averaging $1 or less.

Interact with SMS Demo and Live Debate at mHealth Summit 2010

At mHealth Summit 2010, Inveneo is running a live conference SMS system where you can participate in both an SMS Demo and Live Debate from anywhere in the world.

mHealth SMS demo in action

Live Debate
Leading up to the Live Debate Session, you can vote your opinion. Does mHealth extend or disrupt modern mHealth systems?

Get Your Project Funded at mHealth Summit 2010

Do you have a promising mHealth program that needs key funding to start or scale?  Would you want face time with decision makers at organizations that are looking for innovative mHealth projects? Then attend the Funding Networking Session at the 2010 mHealth Summit.

sms solution

Today at 5:15pm, you can pitch your ideas to the likes of:

What do you think of a dot.Africa Top-Level Domain from the African Union?

In a recent press release, the African Union made the case for a .Africa specific Internet namespace for Africa. Their argument is that this Generic Top-Level Domain, if approved by ICANN, will create an attractive regional home for the Pan-African Internet community; as the first sponsored registry to be operating from Africa and therefore serving the specific needs of Africa's 86 million Internet users.

Introducing the VC4Africa Matchamking Business Plan Cruncher

Ever go to a website where you had to spend 3-4 hours uploading your business plan? And maybe then you never heard from a real person again? There is probably nothing more frustrating to an entrepreneur. I mean lets face it, time is money and every second you spend on documentation you could spend doing business.
So on the new VC4Africa website, we've launched a business plan cruncher to make a better matchmaking between you and investors.

ICT4D advice for technologists, corporations, and development organizations from Plan Kwale

Salim Mvurya, Plan Kwale's District Area Manager
As I mentioned in my previous post, Plan’s Kwale District office in Kenya has been a role model for Plan on how to integrate ICTs into community-led programming to help reach development goals and improve access to children's rights.

How Plan Kwale has been using ICT in their programs since 2003

Salim Mvurya, Plan Kwale's District Area Manager
Plan’s Kwale District office in Kenya has been very successful in building innovative community-led programming that incorporates new ICTs. I had the opportunity to interview Salim Mvurya, the Area Manager, last week, and was really struck by his insights on how to effectively incorporate ICTs into community-led processes to reach development goals and improve on child rights, child protection and governance.

M4D Overview: an Introduction to Mobile Phones for Development


The "M4D Overview 1.0: the 2009 Introduction to Mobile for Development" report aspires to provide an overview of studies on mobile telephony in a developing country context.

Usage of Open Source and Proprietary Software in Ghana


As part of FOSS Advocacy in West Africa and Beyond - (FOSSWAY), Worlali Senyo recently captured key findings in a comparison of Proprietary Software (PS) and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) usage in Ghana. Below is a summary of his findings.
Most people use Proprietary Software

Village Telco and OpenBTS Networks: Technology Overview and Challenges

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Village Telco and OpenBTS are different technologies but they have a lot in common. One big thing they have in common is the belief that telephone networks don't need to be run by top-down command and control organisations, that anyone with some expertise and comparatively modest resources should be able to start their own phone company.
I'll give a brief summary of both and then explain the challenges that each face.

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