South-south technology transfer: criteria for evaluation of public policies in the BRICS countries

This Policy Brief reviews the existing literature concerned with analytical and conceptual models to evaluate technology transfer (TT) practices in cooperation projects, aiming at contributing to the formulation of effective public policies for the technological development in the BRICS countries.

Catching the virtual bus: ICT for augmenting rural livelihoods

Whereas plenty of literature is available on the technical aspects of watershed development and other livelihood strategies in India, not much has been written on the institutional aspects, entrepreneurial strategies or the role of ICT.  ICTs offer tremendous potential for strengthening rural livelihoods and diversifying the rural economy.

Innovative Asia: advancing the knowledge-based economy - highlights of the forthcoming ADB study

This paper provides highlights from an Asian Development Bank (ADB) study titled “Asia’s Knowledge Economies: Next Policy Agenda.” A suite of reports will be completed shortly under this study: a flagship report on knowledge-based economies in Asia; four country reports on the People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan; and a report on creative productivity in Asia in partners

Internet gvernance and developing countries: implications for India

Despite having one of the largest numbers of Internet users in the world and having a strong base in ICT services, public opinion in India is ill-formed and government departments have not engaged in wider consultations in the process of formulating India’s stance on Internet governance. India’s response towards intimidating digital surveillance has been rather weak.

An assessment of India’s innovation policies

India’s industrial competitiveness arising out of technological depth (and technological value addition) does not compare well with other newly industrialised countries (NICs) in Asia.

Self Employed Women's Association, Gujarat: A case study

How can Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) change how an organisation functions? This document describes the Self Employed Women’s Association’s (SEWA) ICT and Community Learning Centre (CLC) initiative.

Labouring Women, Enterprising States – A Research Study on Women, Information Technology and Narratives of Entrepreneurship

This document explores the structural-institutional facets of the relationship between women entrepreneurs, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the mainstream discourse on entrepreneurship.

Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture

The food price crisis of the last decade provided an impetus to the discussions on sustainable development of agriculture. What has since emerged is the belief that agricultural policies need to be revamped to meet the growing demands for food and fibre in most countries.

The Human Race Reached a Huge Milestone Today and You Probably Did Not Even Know It

The UN-backed effort to wipe polio off the face of the earth reached has reached a major milestone.

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