A Second Living Room: the Public Library Zavidovići's Youth Corner

In Bosnia and Herzegovinia, many students commute from rural communities every day by bus to attend school in town. For young students, this often means long hours waiting for buses with nothing to do.

On the Ground, for the People: Nuba Reports

Life in Nuba. Republished with the authorisation of Nuba Reports.Life in Nuba. Republished with the authorisation of Nuba Reports.

It's “Nerve-racking”! Getting our Storytellers Offline (and Back On Again)

Transom is an online resource for storytellers, mostly audio-based but delving into the world of visual digital media as well. They recent put on a six-week online workshop – based entirely on Facebook – with several Rising Voices writers participating.

Story-Making Machines: Meograph

Rising Voices note: This article originally appeared at, a showcase and workshop for public media, with Story Workshops twice yearly and a new Online Workshop.

Peru: Collective Collaboration to Generate Public Safety Data

AMASUWA (from the Quechua “ama” (no), and “suwa” (to rob) was part of the Inca moral code meaning

The 4 Most Exciting Developments Right Now in the African Tech Industry

Recently, the always charismatic Teddy Ruge was interviewed by The Stream about the African technology industry.

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