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Is it possible to decolonize the Commons? An interview with Jane Anderson of Local Contexts – Part 1

This article was written by Jennie Rose Halperin and originally appeared on the Creative Commons Blog. This first part in a two-part series is republished under a CC BY 4.0 license.

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What They Use – Ahmed Maawy

What do we use at work? This series of posts interviews the Ushahidi staff about their methods for working and the tools they use. A profile of a different employee will be posted twice a week until we make our way through most or all of the staff!

National Geographic: Interview

The following interview“Solving eco challenges with grassroots messaging” - was given to the National Geographic website last autumn.

Video: Michael Joseph on his decade as Safaricom CEO

Moses Kemibaro made an amazing video of Safaricom’s departing CEO, Michael Joseph, who spoke for about 2 hours at iHub on his wildly successful and "peculiar" decade at the helm of Safaricom, Kenya’s leading mobile network.

How Plan Kwale has been using ICT in their programs since 2003

Salim Mvurya, Plan Kwale's District Area Manager
Plan’s Kwale District office in Kenya has been very successful in building innovative community-led programming that incorporates new ICTs. I had the opportunity to interview Salim Mvurya, the Area Manager, last week, and was really struck by his insights on how to effectively incorporate ICTs into community-led processes to reach development goals and improve on child rights, child protection and governance.

Afrinnovator Interviews Teddy Ruge on Technology in Africa

TMS Ruge: Africa & Tech – Hype or Hope

"In terms of talking about technology in Africa, its easy to get excited about all the connectivity we're about to get. 17 Terabytes of online capacity by 2012. We already have four innovation centers coming up in Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.
But the thing to remember about technology and all of this connectivity and access that we're getting, is that all of it is not necessarily going to be the panacea for Africa's problems. Technology in its essence here on the continent, should really be an enabler, versus the final solution."

Coffee, Clark, Careers

All great journalists immediately put you at ease. Clark Boyd, someone I’ve been extremely fortunate to have spoken to on a number of occasions, is one of them. Interviews feel more like chats over cups of coffee in the dentists waiting room than recorded interviews set to go out over the airways in the US (and beyond).

Interview at Africa Gathering

Filmed at the Africa Gathering event in London last Saturday, this short interview with Jonathan Marks covers the history, thinking and use of FrontlineSMS, and contains some priceless footage of over 100 Africa Gathering attendees doing an impression of the FrontlineSMS logo.

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