Media Development

Remaining Hopeful for Civil Society in the Middle East

Since the Arab Spring, civil society in the Middle East has faced strong opposition, threatening to undermine citizen voices and the free flow of information amidst a tumultuous political atmosphere.

Holding the Door Open for Civil Society in Closing Spaces

With more than 20 years’ experience strengthening civil society, IREX has helped promote partnerships between government, media, and communities to foster accountability, elevate citizen voices, and address public needs.

IREX Begins New Work Bridging Civil Society and Media in Guatemala and Rwanda

IREX is pleased to start work on two new USAID projects leveraging its expertise in civil society and media development. As part of a larger USAID Civil Society for Accountable Governance and Citizen Security project in Guatemala, IREX will provi

Strengthening Data Journalism in China

Mainland China can be a challenging work environment for journalists. Often, journalists don’t have access to opportunities to update their skills.

Mozambique Journalist Works to Improve Lives of Women

Albertina Luís is a community radio journalist who lives in the district of Mocuba, in the province of Zambézia, where recently the number of cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against women and girls has been on the rise.

Seeking Journalists in Macedonia for US Fellowship

Are you interested in helping to strengthen the independent media sector in Macedonia? Looking to increase your skills and experience in media professionalism and sustainability? Interested in connecting with and learning from US media experts?

New Program Improves Media Sector in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s independent media sector is shrinking. Recent challenges such as government influence in programming, slow integration of new technologies, and limited financial support for independent media have exacerbated the situation.
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