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We Must Answer 6 Open ICT4Education Questions to Have Real Impact

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5 Takeaways from UNESCO’s 2016 Mobile Learning Week

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126 Million Reasons to Use Mobile Solutions in Education

126 million. The old adage says that there is strength in numbers, but in this case it is a sign of a global society that either cares too little or is not imaginative enough to explore new possibilities.

Are Mobile Phones and mLearning Failing in Education?

Recently, Tim Unwin was featured in the lengthy article, "Are mobiles failing the world of education?" The reporter noted that specialists are having second thoughts about the efficacy mobiles have in the world of education, despite the initial hype.

mLearning: A Platform for Educational Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid

Education is a key investment in human capital: no variable from 1900 better explains economic success in 2000 than investment in education. Yet today 69 million school children globally don’t have access to basic education while 759 million adults don’t have a formal education.

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