monitoring and evaluation

The Emerging Opportunities for M&E in a Tech-Enabled World

The past few years have seen dramatic advances in the use of hand-held devices (phones and tablets) for program monitoring and for survey data collection. Progress has been slower with respect to the application of ICT-enabled devices for program evaluation, but this is clearly the next frontier.

10 Tips on Using New ICTs for Qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation

At the October Technology Salon NYC, we focused on ways that ICTs can be used for qualitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts that aim to listen better to those who are participating in development programs.

A Great Success: World Bank has a 70% failure rate with ICT4D projects to increase universal access

We all know that developing countries have seen rapid growth in information and communication technology (ICT) access and use - from basic Internet access to the explosive growth of mobile phone ownership - and this growth is uneven.

How Do We Break Oscar Night Syndrome in ICT4D M&E?

No one ever fails in ICT4D. Isn't that amazing! Technologies come and go quickly - bye, bye PDA's, Windows Vista, and soon Nokia - yet in ICT4D, each project has impact and we never fail. We just have lessons learned. In fact, can you name a single technology program that has publicly stated that it failed?

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