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Late Tuesday afternoon, while I was strolling through Ottawa International Airport on my way back from a conference, a magazine title jumped out at me from one of the airport newsagents. It was called Inc.

(Super) smart phones: The next frontier?

Today’s smart phones bear little resemblance to the phones of years gone by. With the arrival of each new model we’re stretched to think what else a phone might be able to do, and what manufacturers have planned for us next. The rate of innovation is staggering. Here’s a preview of a few phones some of us might get our hands on, and a brilliant-looking concept device which we may not.

Start with the problem, not the technology

An interview given during the Networked Society Forum gathering in Hong Kong late last year has just been published online and in the print edition of the Ericsson Business Review.

Say Hello to Evan Sims

Today we are introducing you to the latest person to join the Ushahidi team. Evan Sims (@evansims) comes to us as a Senior Developer, helping to improve scalability, performance and reliability of our Crowdmap service. We are super excited to see what he can do with the platform!

AFP features Ushahidi Liberia

Agence France-Presse visited Ushahidi Liberia’s office during the recent presidential elections to learn how the electoral process, and conflict across the country, was being mapped by partner organizations on the ground. Check out this AFP video for more:

Sinsai, Harassmap and Zabatak win Awards

Congratulations to the, and teams for winning awards for all their hard work. All three projects demonstrate the power of communities using their voices. Simply put: we’re delighted!

Invite: Curry Stone Design Prize Ceremony

In just over a weeks time I’ll be heading back to the US to collect the Curry Stone Design Prize on behalf of FrontlineSMS. This is an exciting (and interesting) award for us for a number of reasons.

Liberia’s elections map – one week on, with new features

It has been a week since Liberia’s presidential elections; during that time, the pervasive peace on election day has given way to opposition’s claims of electoral fraud as well as a few incidents of violence including two cases of

Rethinking socially responsible design in a mobile world

“The Curry Stone Design Prize was created to champion designers as a force for social change. Now in its fourth year, the Prize recognizes innovators who address critical issues involving clean air, food and water, shelter, health care, energy, education, social justice or peace”.

Rewarding open source for social good

Do you know a software developer building open source tools with the potential to positively impact communities around the world? If you do – or you are one – then read on.

Meet iLab Liberia

iLab Liberia, a project of the Ushahidi Liberia team, has been bustling since it opened this May.  iLab has become Liberia’s go-to resource center for local IT professionals, a training ground in open source software and has been known to throw a pretty mean mapping party.

Liberia’s Referendum on the map

Liberia’s Constitutional Referendum took place August 23rd, and was considered by many to be a dress rehearsal for the fast approaching presidential election. This Referendum was the first time since the civil war that Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) ran the show rather than the UN; it was also a test for how effectively voter education activities had informed the population.

Yesterday’s Ushahidi service outage, and and all associated sub-domains and services were offline for approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes yesterday (August 10, 2011). Our hosting provider’s upstream data center suffered a major data center outage.

Putting data integrity on the map

We were excited to join colleagues and friends in Washington, DC, on Tuesday 9th August to release the first edition of our “User Guide on Data Integrity”, a tool that will help FrontlineSMS users around the world better understand the flow of information into and out of the platform, the risks and vulnerabilities to that data, an

Joining the UK Africa Delegation

This week represents something of a first for us as we head to Africa as part of a UK business delegation lead by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.

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