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Happy Hour!!

A Short History of Low-Cost Computers: From the IBM PCjr to Simputer to OLPC

Historically, there have been numerous initiatives targeting the creation of "computers for the poor," but the quest for such devices has been an elusive one.


Arguably, the original "low-cost PC" was IBM's PCjr, which was launched in 1983 with much fanfare, including a magazine devoted to coverage of it even before its actual release. The product led to a wave of clones, some fairly successful, including the Tandy 1000, though it did not itself succeed in the market due to design issues.
Low-cost innovation

What We Are Learning From One Laptop Per Child

Brazilian OLPC
What has OLPC taught us?

Over on the Educational Technology Debate, we've spent the month of December analyzing what we've learned from OLPC after four years of deployments.

With input from a cross-section of interested parties - learned academics to experienced educators to volunteer implementers - here is the One Laptop Per Child impact we've found:

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