Key Deployments and Lessons Learned – Part 1

Recently we began conducting research into the use of our various products around the world, assessing impact and use, apparent successes, perceived and critical failures, as well as qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the data collected from each platform. What’s perhaps, different about this particular document is that it also looks at non-crisis deployments like Vacant NYC.

United States Institute of Peace Report on Ushahidi-Haiti

As many fans and supporters of Ushahidi recall, the Ushahidi−Haiti Project raised the profile of crisis mapping to a new level.  It demonstrated the potential of crowdsourced maps for targeted disaster response to a broad and empowered  audience and provided a useful foundational model for the international community to leverage and improve upon in advance of future emergencies.

ICT, emergencies and conflicts

Following their recent examination of the mHealth landscape, the UN/Vodafone Foundation partnership today turned their attention to a new topic – “New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflicts“.

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