Tech Salon Summary: children, youth, migration and ICT

Migration is central to the current political debate as well as to the development discussion, especially in conversations about the “post 2015” agenda, the ‘youth bulge’, and youth employment. Prevention work is not likely to end migration, regardless of the organizations and governments working to improve the well-being of children and youth in their home communities.

UNICEF Chief in CAR: “It could go terribly wrong, very quickly”

The head of UNICEF, and former US National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake visited the Central African Republic this week. While there, UNICEF cut this video in which Lake uses some very sharp language to warn the world of a potential looming catastrophe.


What Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Thought of the United Nations

Ed note. This post was originally published on August 28 for the 50th anniversary of the I Have a Dream Speech. 

Forget The Denis Rodman Meltdown, This is the North Korea Video You Need to See

Dennis Rodman is once again soaking up a great deal of attention during his trip to North Korea. That is a shame because his idiocy and antics mean that other important issues in north korea are not getting the airtime they deserve.

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