Fail Smart: 8 Points for Pilot Planning

[Ed. Note: This guest post by Alix Dunn, engine room, is very much in line with suggestions in the Ushahidi Toolkits. About Alix: Alix Dunn has a background in research about and training in the use of technology and media for social change.

Ushahidi version 2.7 – Bamako

It’s that time again when the Ushahidi ninjas package what they have been working on – 2.7 version of the platform. This release is dubbed Bamako!! It is quite a huge one with many changes including some security fixes. (We name all our software releases after cities in Africa.)

Upgrade Day, Security Release and Code fix 2.6.1

We have an important Security release and minor code fix for 2.6. The release number is 2.6.1.
Security updates: Vulnerability: Forgotten password challenge guessable.
Fixes security issue discovered by Timothy D. Morgan. (Thank you).

Weekly: Upgrade Day, Humanitarian Hack Box

Upgrading to 2.5, the latest Ushcast, the Humanitarian Hack Box and a Deployment of the Week from Romania are in this report.

Announcing 2.5 – Cairo

First off, our apologies for not releasing this version in June, but it is due to the quantity and quality of change it ships with hence more time was required on the quality assurance end. Its in this regard 2.5 is being released in August and so the other versions shift respectively.

Ushahidi Platform v2.4 – Bug Fix Release

It’s that time of the month again when we release a newer version of the Ushahidi platform.
As with the last one, this is also a bug fix release so no new features – just some ironing on what already exists. The Ushahidi core platform and Crowdmap are both updated.

Weekly: Launches, map layers, RHOK & coding

We have a few community launches to share this week, plus code changes and preparing for RHOK. Anyone can update the Ushahidi weekly. All you need is a wiki account. Let us know what you are working on or need help with.

Weekly: Mapstars, Security and more

What a week! We have an important security update, news about a few community award winners/nominees, some code changes and a community meetup in Panama:

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