Afghanistan : UN Dispatch Goes to the London Conference

Check back regularly as the London conference gets underway and I bring you updates from the people and events discussing, debating and shaping the way forward in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. That sentence has become cliché, but it is no less true for being so.

How the United States and the United Nations Are Cooperating in Haiti

UN Dispatch obtains the "Memorandum of Understanding" between the United States and the United Nations regarding Haiti relief efforts.

Earlier today, the United States formally entered into an agreement with the United Nations on a division of responsibilities in Haiti.  The "Memorandum of Understanding," obtained by UN Dispatch, enumerates the tole of a U.S.

Congressional American Engagement Caucus Formed

Russ Carnahan, a Democrat and Anh "Joseph" Cao, a Republican launched the "American Engagement Caucus" at an event on Capital Hill this morning.

Members of the U.S.

Dominican Peacekeepers in Haiti

Reports indicate that Haiti's government has refused a battalion of UN peacekeepers from the Dominican Republic. UPDATE: Haiti may have indeed accepted the peacekeepers.

New PSA for Rapid Disaster Relief

Two new public service announcements for the United Nations recovery and relief efforts in Haiti.

Two new public service announcements for the United Nations recovery and relief efforts in Haiti.  Via, the UN Foundation:

Not Ban's Katrina

At the new Turtle Bay, Colum Lynch writes the provocatively titled "Ban Ki-moon's Katrina?" inviting the comparison between the response in New Orleans to that in Haiti.

Like Mark I'm excited that seasoned reporter Colum Lynch now has more room to stretch his legs on UN issues, but I hope that his reporting in this morning's "Ban Ki-moon's Katrina?" is off the mark.
Lynch writes:

New Blog on the Block

Foreign Policy rolls out its newest addition: a UN affairs blog written by longtime Washington Post reporter Colum Lynch.

Foreign Policy expanded its suite of blogs by one.

The Global News That's Not About Haiti

Haiti has rightly been our focus the past week. But here are four important global stories you may have missed.

Four more stories you ought to be following:

Attack in Kabul

At least a dozen Taliban gunmen, some armed with suicide vest, simultaneously attacked multiple targets in central Kabul Monday morning.

Ed Note: UN Dispatch welcomes blogger Una Moore to our roster of contributors.  Una is an international development specialist who focuses on security and governance in post-conflict settings.  Follow her on Twitter.

Living in an Earthquake Zone

The author, currently living in Guatemala, discusses the uncertainty of living in an earthquake zone and what it felt like to experience the magnitude 5.8 quake on Monday.

I live in Guatemala, where we frequently experience "seismic activity," which is to say that the earth ceases to be bedrock, the room shakes like it's 3am, and those of us who have never lived in regions prone to such attacks start to understand what it's like to fear the ground you walk on.

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