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Inspired by a Pioneering Nigerian Author, Yorùbá Language Advocate Takes to the Internet

“We have stories to tell, stories the world has never seen before…”

Yoruba meme created by Ọmọ Yoòbá for the Mother Language Meme Challenge

Free UNICEF Course: How to Use RapidPro for Powerful SMS, IVR, and Social Media Campaigns

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Top 4 Ways ICTs Can Help Defeat the Ebola Crisis

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is increasingly becoming an international crisis. Recently the World Health Organization counted 5,843 cases of Ebola patients and 2,811 deaths.

Meet Inveneo’s 2014 Summer ICT Interns

The Inveneo team has been lucky to bring on four new interns this summer. Hailing from Harvard, Northwestern, and UC Berkeley, these four individuals are bringing innovative ideas and fresh insight to our current ICT projects. They are helping our engineers by conducting online research, surveys, and technical documentation.

Social Media for Disaster Relief

Social media has become an important tool in helping to plan for, assess, and recover from disasters. Whether used by citizens, aid organizations or world governments social media is enabling those providing assistance to organize and mobilize more quickly than ever before. Here are some examples of how social media has improved disaster relief.

Can Social Media Help Developing Countries? Absolutely!

At a recent Technology Salon Event in Washington D.C. about 30 people from across the development community focused on strategies for using social media for international development. The wide-ranging conversation included many great ideas.

6 Guidelines for Better Development Outcomes Using Social Media

In the next few years, another 2 billion people will be coming online; transforming the Internet from what once was an elite network of the world’s privileged to a democratizer of information and power. This wave of new users will mainly enter the Internet via mobile phones on social networks.

Subscribe: Kenyan Dangerous Speech Monitoring Public Report

The Umati project, run by iHub Research & Ushahidi – seeks to identify and understand the use of dangerous speech in the Kenyan online space, in order to find and use non-government ways to reduce its effects of violence on the ground. To this end, we have created NipeUkweli – an outreach effort to debunk inciteful myths and reduce the possible effects of dangerous speech.

Webinar Recap: 4 Steps for Cutting Through the Social Content Clutter

Today, I gave a webinar titled “Break Through the Clutter: Create  a Social Content Plan in Four Steps.” We will post a link to the entire webinar here within a few days.
During this presentation, I reviewed the following steps for helping your social content rise above the din:

3 Lessons of Simplicity from the Facebook Playbook

If you are interested in more on this topic, join us November 13 for Break Through the Clutter: Create a Social Content Plan in 4 Steps, a free live webinar on social content strategy.
This year’s Halloween went on without a hitch!

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