Better than "Smart Handpumps" are Empowered Handpump Users

Every so often, I see ICT4D projects that have way over-thought their solution, going for whiz-bang technology over simpler, human solutions. Here is an example from DfID, which is trying to help with water shortages in Kenya.

Mobile Monday Fourth Annual Mobile Africa Research Report

The Mobile Monday Fourth Annual Mobile Africa Research Report, produced by MobileMonday and released at the annual Innovation Africa Digital Summit, addresses the growing strength of mobile innovation practices in Africa.

Be Aware of Participant Response Bias in ICT4D Product Development

I am Nicki Dell, a PhD student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I’d like to tell you about a project that I did recently during an internship at Microsoft Research India with the Technology for Emerging Markets lab.

The Social Side of ICT4D

We all know that technology helps shape the way we work, learn, interact, and behave. We have also seen countless social issues come out of our own technology –online predators, pornography, piracy.

School Curriculum Should Drive Computer Use in Tanzanian Education Systems

Over the course of the past semester, I teamed up with fellow RPI IT student, Lorena Nicotra, to develop a project that would promote curriculum-driven technology use in primary schools in Tanzania.

Are Mobile Phones and mLearning Failing in Education?

Recently, Tim Unwin was featured in the lengthy article, "Are mobiles failing the world of education?" The reporter noted that specialists are having second thoughts about the efficacy mobiles have in the world of education, despite the initial hype.

10 Guidelines for Starting Your Independent ICT4D Project

There is an infamous Catch-22 in starting a career in information and communications for technology. In order to earn a job in ICT4D, I need to have experience. In order to gain experience in ICT4D, I need to earn a job. So many job seekers find themselves discouraged from being stuck in this infinite loop.

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