Two Questions on the Sustainability of Grameen's Android App for Farmers

The Grameen Foundation Center launched a comprehensive Android phone-based project for Ugandan farmers recently, that could significantly improve farming processes, but how sustainable is the initiative?

Appropriate technology: Lessons from nature

“Our life is half natural and half technological. Half-and-half is good. You cannot deny that high-tech is progress. We need it for jobs. Yet if you make only high-tech, you make war. So we must have a strong human element to keep modesty and natural life”
Nam June Paik, Artist (1932 – 2006)

Designing Technology Solutions for an Aging Population

The world’s aging population was a trending topic at the Society of International Development’s World Congress, July 29 – 31, 2011 at the Omni-Shore Hotel in Washington DC. Speakers and panelists mentioned the drift several times but did not talk much about what this meant in the world of development.

The Great ICT4D Peace Corps Volunteer Debate

Most people that I have met in the international development field have had strong opinions for or against involvement in the ICT field of the Peace Corps.  I've toyed back and forth over whether to pursue this path after graduation for personal reasons.

Smart Connect: a SMS communication appliance for rural healthcare

The first SMS, or “text” message, was sent over Vodafone’s network in December 1992. By most accounts, it read simply “Merry Christmas.” Using just fifteen of the permitted 160 characters, it was an appropriately succinct beginning to what is today by far the most widely used data service worldwide.

ICTworks Interview with Stefan Bock on HCI initiatives at BOSCO Uganda


1) Can you give a little background to the BOSCO Uganda Project and your role in the project? How did you become interested in working in the HCI field.

mLearning: A Platform for Educational Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid

Education is a key investment in human capital: no variable from 1900 better explains economic success in 2000 than investment in education. Yet today 69 million school children globally don’t have access to basic education while 759 million adults don’t have a formal education.

The Bi-Weekly ICT4D Retrospective: Special Edition

Welcome to the ICTworks bi-weekly ICT4D Retrospective, where we condense the last two weeks of news into a succinct list of links for your perusal. If you want your news to be featured, email them to ritse [at] ritseonline [dot] com. To get these links faster, follow me on Twitter: @RitseOnline

HCI4D: The Emerging Discipline of Human Computer Interaction For Development

The practice of Information and Communication Technology for Development enjoys a host of disciplines within the sector (m4d, health informatics, e-governance, etc), some enjoying more popularity then others. Although, a discipline that is making a more commanding presence in the ICT4D arena, is Human Computer Interaction for Development also referred to has HCI4D.

An ICTworks Interview with Kafui Prebbie, CEO of 1ViLLAGE Ghana

1Village Group is making strides in bringing technology solutions to under-resourced communities in the developing world to promote rapid socio-economic development. I had the opportunity to interview Kafui A. Prebbie, CEO of 1ViLLAGE and hear about his lessons learned while bringing ICT solutions to remote areas in Ghana.

Yoza Excites African Teenagers to Love Reading Using Mobile Phones

We've all heard the hype about eReaders bringing digital books to the masses. But often those "masses" are high-end consumers in the developed world who are reading for leisure and pleasure. So what about the developing world? And specifically teenagers, who have yet to find pleasure or leisure in reading? Books will not be the answer.

Join a Live Debate: Is mHealth an Extender or Disruptor of Existing Healthcare Infrastructure?

New technologies in healthcare offer the opportunity for significant changes in how problems are identified, addressed and solved. Mobile technologies, in particular, offer new ways for medical providers to reach patients.

David texting his mHealth opinion

As part of the mHealth Summit, Richard Gallagher will be moderating a Live mHealth Debate that seeks to find which impacts mHealth will have on existing health infrastructure:

e Health Points to scale across five northern Indian states - mHealth Summit 2010 Announcement

Healthpoint Services is the first scalable integration of telemedicine, clean water, diagnostics and a robust generic pharmacy. The e Health Point integrated solution enables real foundational healthcare and water delivered in a sustainable, profitable manner via a village clinic or "health point" - doctor visits and over 80 diagnostic tests averaging $1 or less.

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