Using SMS for Stories from Somalia: New on the Mobile Media Toolkit!

In the Horn of Africa, Somalia makes headlines but often only because of drought, famine, crisis, and insecurity. Al Jazeera recently launched Somalia Speaks to help amplify stories from people and their everyday lives in the region - all via SMS. 

Amplifying Somali Voices Using SMS and a Live Map: #SomaliaSpeaks

Somalia has been steadily slipping from global media attention over the past few months. The large scale crisis is no longer making headline news, which means that advocacy and lobbying groups are finding it increasingly difficult to place pressure on policymakers and humanitarian organizations to scale their intervention in the Horn of Africa.

Bombings in Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda became the target of twin bombings as crowds gathered to watch the World Cup earlier today. If, indeed, al-Shabaab are behind the attack, this would be a major step towards the internationalization of the Somali civil war.

The Somali Pirates' Business Model

A new UN report gives a concise explanation of how Somali pirates calculate their overhead and declare dividends for their investors.


New UN report says Somali food aid failing to reach the poor (NYT)

Rather than reaching the needy, up to half of Somalia’s food aid ends up in the pockets of radical militants, corrupt bureaucrats and local businessmen, and local UN staff, according to an article in yesterday’s New York Times on the findings of a new UN report.

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