South Africa

Born Behind Bars: Extending Mandela's Legacy

“Nothing ever haunted me more than the children who lived behind bars with little or nothing to go by,” says Romy Titus, a journalist and sportscaster in South Africa, and one of 500 fellows taking part in the

South-south technology transfer: criteria for evaluation of public policies in the BRICS countries

This Policy Brief reviews the existing literature concerned with analytical and conceptual models to evaluate technology transfer (TT) practices in cooperation projects, aiming at contributing to the formulation of effective public policies for the technological development in the BRICS countries.

A Look at Spectrum in Four African Countries

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Africa and Spectrum 2.0

Does effective spectrum management make a real difference when it comes to more pervasive and affordable access to communication?

Regional co-operation in the telecommunications sector via CRASA

This case study examines the telecommunications sector in Southern Africa and the role that the Communications Regulators’ Association Southern Africa (CRASA) plays in encouraging policy harmonisation between member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Mapping your online media strategy - a guide for nonprofits

This ebook offers a guide through the process of choosing social media platforms and developing an effective online media strategy. It provides an overview of few popular social media channels in South Africa and how they work, so that organisation can learn about the potential benefits of these networks. It also shows how to develop a content calendar for web and social media work.

Prism – A Wake-up Call for South Africa?

Flag_of_South_Africa_questionRichard Poplak wrote a great article earlier today in the

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