MENA: Learning about Digital Safety, Online

Since the start of the Arab Spring, many regimes realized that in order to suppress an uprising they need to control, filter or manipulate the Internet in order to minimize its impact. Thus, netizens, activists and journalists in the MENA region – though able to express themselves more loudly than before – are also now, more than ever, the victims of government crackdowns on online communicatio

It's “Nerve-racking”! Getting our Storytellers Offline (and Back On Again)

Transom is an online resource for storytellers, mostly audio-based but delving into the world of visual digital media as well. They recent put on a six-week online workshop – based entirely on Facebook – with several Rising Voices writers participating.

Story-Making Machines: Meograph

Rising Voices note: This article originally appeared at, a showcase and workshop for public media, with Story Workshops twice yearly and a new Online Workshop.

Sanskar, Harmony Through Acceptance

SanskarSanskar logo. Image taken from UNAOC webpage.
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