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Top of the Morning: Tacloban, Philippines: Three Months On

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Donors Pony Up For Humanitarian Appeal in the Sahel

Mali Gets a Mention in State of the Union. But To What End?

Here is a key passage of the President’s State of the Union address last night relevant to the United Nations.

Top of the Morning: New Polio Strain in Pakistan

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New Strain of Polio Discovered in Pakistan

Top of the Morning: Conflict Forced Nearly 100,000 to Flee South Sudan

Top stories from DAWNS Digest. 
Civil Conflict Makes Nearly 100,000 South Sudanese Into Refugees

Top of the Morning: 2.4 Billion Raised for Syria Relief

Top stories from DAWNS Digest
$2.4 Billion Raised for Syria Humanitarian Relief

Top of the Morning: CAR President to Step Down

Top stories from DAWNS Digest
Reports: CAR President To Step Down Today

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