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China and international law in cyberspace

Despite major differences on cyberspace policy between the United States and China, a recent development at the United Nations illustrates some basic areas of agreement. China is one of 15 countries, including the United States, comprising the UN Group of Government Experts (GGE).

Red cloud rising: cloud computing in China

In recent years the Chinese government has prioritized the development of cloud computing technology with the twin goals of expanding Chinese military and civilian access to cloud computing information technology (IT) resources and creating an internationally competitive Chinese cloud computing service industry.

Mapping Burundi’s peacebuilders

Peace Direct has surveyed local peacebuilding organisations in Burundi to get a picture of the extensive work of local people to consolidate peace. This information is viewable in a unique interactive map searchable across provinces and thematic areas.

The future of employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerisation?

Over the past decades, computers have substituted for a number of jobs, including the functions of bookkeepers, cashiers and telephone operators. More recently, the poor performance of labour markets across advanced economies has intensified the debate among economists about technological unemployment.

OGC reduces membership fees for organizations in developing nations

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announces new membership options for organizations based in emerging economies.

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