How to find USAID contracts and grants funding opportunities

USAID generally undertakes direct assistance programs to benefit developing countries through competitive grants and cooperative agreements. This ensures that all activities are concentrated on specific objectives to maximize impact and that they are consistent, mutually reinforcing, and draw support from the best available sources.

Evaluation of Intel Teach Getting Started Program in Indonesia

The Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of the DBE3‐Intel "Getting Started Program" presents the results of an evaluation conducted on the implementation and impact of the joint program between USAID and Intel to implement the Intel Teach Getting Started program to Junior Secondary School teachers

USAID Lessons Learned in ICT for Distribution and Supply Chain Management in sub-Saharan African Agriculture

Using ICT to manage distribution and supply chains can increase efficiency and predictability and reduce waste in value chains and have positive impacts on all market actors.

USAID Lessons Learned in Using Mobile Money to Enhance Agriculture Development

Where agriculture development projects find access to financial services a key constraint to success, m-money and m-banking services are potentially important tools to leverage. Such services can:

$10 Million USAID Opportunity for Global Development Alliances

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has just released a $10,000,000 Annual Program Statement (APS) for Global Development Alliances (GDAs).

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