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Ushahidi version 2.7 – Bamako

It’s that time again when the Ushahidi ninjas package what they have been working on – 2.7 version of the platform. This release is dubbed Bamako!! It is quite a huge one with many changes including some security fixes. (We name all our software releases after cities in Africa.)

Weekly: Crowdmap Teaser, Omidyar Report on Entrepreneurship in Africa

In the weekly, we’ve got Crowdmap teasers, a water stewardship Deployment of the Week and are featuring the Omidyar Report on Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Africa.

5 Things to get started on Ushahidi Project

You’ve landed here because you are interested in how to get started. Using Ushahidi or Crowdmap Classic requires a bit more than just creating a map with hope that folks will discover and use it.

Weekly: Philippines map, 2.7 release & Mobile Updates

We’ve got Code Release updates, code to test, digital security tips from Mexico and a request to vote for Webbies in this Week’s Ushahidi Community Report.
Deployment of the Week
Congratulations to our deployment of the week from the Philippines. The upcoming mid-term elections are on May 13, 2013.

Testing 2.7 (New Release)

We need your help testing for v2.7b of the platform. There are two ways to test:
Download and Test the install
We have tagged a 2.7b branch in github as the “beta release”. You can download this code and test it from the 2.7b github branch.

Weekly: Uchaguzi Hangout, Code of Conduct & Testing 2.7

Happy Week! We are a mission to share best practices and co-create a Code of Conduct. Plus, we have two Deployments of the Week from Venezuela. The biggest Ushahidi news this week is that we are in TEST MODE for 2.7. After months of bug fixes and many long nights/days, the developer team has crushed bugs and need your help to test before we launch.

Weekly: Hiring, Inundaciones (Argentina)

Happy Week! In this week’s Community Report, we’re happy to say we are hiring, Congratulations to the hard working folks from Argentina (our Deployment of the Week), a new SwiftRiver event and thanks to our amazing community from Grant MacEwan University and Nepal.

Community Update: Environmental Mappers, 2.7 in the Hopper

What an amazing journey to spend this past month with three of our largest community bases: Election monitors, anti-corruption and crisismappers. Each have unique and, sometimes, similar needs. Each has provided input into software, toolkits and programming needs.

Community Update: Survey Results & Deployments of the Week

Community updates have been less regular due to Uchaguzi. I’ll get back to Weekly updates finally. Uchaguzi was the largest community participatory project we’ve worked on both globally and locally. Rich community experiences will inform our work throughout the year!

When your community changes you….

Uchaguzi is You! is our mantra. We are always on and always in edit mode. We are managed in a team driven engine that is decidedly non-linear. Everyone works with integrity and takes our Code of Collaboration to heart.

What the red dots are for, or why we map (part 1: Iraq)

[Dispute Monitor is Deployment of the Week. This is a guest post by Helena Puig Larrauri. Helena is a peacebuilding practitioner, focusing on the use of technology to promote peace and prevent conflict. The original post is on Let them Talk.]

Community Update: Mapstars from Iraq, Canada & Australia

We’ve been deep in Kenyan deployment planning and owe you many updates from the Community around the world. Weekly Updates will start again next week. We’ve got some great events happening, a few Deployments of the Week and news about Ushahidi 3.0.

Uchaguzi Merging Local and Digital

Two weeks until the Kenyan election. Some of our team and community are living and breathing Uchaguzi – 24 x 7.

SMS to Map: a Love Story

Colour us happy! The latest and shiny version of FrontlineSMS v. 2.2.1 is now compatible with Ushahidi. FrontlineSMS launched their latest version in January. Congratulations to their amazing team!

Community Hours @ Crowdmap

You requested it, we’re making it happen. You asked for Community Hours to meet each other and learn while we all build expertise. The goal of Community Hours is to bring you together to talk about everything from best practices, how to do various topical maps (eg.

Weekly: OpenIR in Jakarta, Windows 8 App, & Uchaguzi

Happy Week! In this Community report, we’re featuring work from Jakarta, Italy and, of course, Kenya. The next two months will be full of Uchaguzi updates. Since the Ushahidi team is heavily involved in the project, we want to share our journey with you. Believe me, we are learning tons!

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