Better than "Smart Handpumps" are Empowered Handpump Users

Every so often, I see ICT4D projects that have way over-thought their solution, going for whiz-bang technology over simpler, human solutions. Here is an example from DfID, which is trying to help with water shortages in Kenya.

Live – Water Hackathon

We’re live at the Water Hackathon in NYC. You can follow along with our Scribble Live content. Public Laboratory (Grassroots Mapping), Pachube, Don’t Flush Me and Ushahidi are partnered to hack on maps and sensors all weekend.

Events: Water Hackathon and Casual meet-ups

We are very excited to announce a few Ushahidi events and casual meet-ups in the coming months. There will more details on events, including webinars and design jams soon.

Get an ICT4D Job! Interesting Opportunities in Switzerland, Jordan, Kenya, and United States


Medair International provides emergency relief and rehabilitation to the most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach regions in Africa and Asia in natural disasters, conflict areas, and other extraordinary crises.

Hollywood Stars and Under-Secretaries of State Talk Global Water Issues

At a reception at the State Department yesterday Lupe Fiasco, Emile Hirsch, Kenna, Undersecretary of State Maria Otero and Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley.

Actors, Musicians, ambassadors and under-secretaries of state mingled together in the plush Ben Franklin room at State Department Headquarters last night in a reception to honor a Hollywood Star-Washington, D.C.

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