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6 Guidelines for Better Development Outcomes Using Social Media

In the next few years, another 2 billion people will be coming online; transforming the Internet from what once was an elite network of the world’s privileged to a democratizer of information and power. This wave of new users will mainly enter the Internet via mobile phones on social networks.

Get an ICT4D Job! Policy, Health, Management


ICT Policy Specialist: The ICT Sector Unit of the World Bank is recruiting an ICT Policy Specialist through the JPPAD (Junior Professionals Program for Afro-Descendants and US Minorities).

Get an ICT4D Job! Africa, Europe, Central Asia, United States


ICT Consultants: The World Bank needs several ICT consultants in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, and Tanzania.

A Great Success: World Bank has a 70% failure rate with ICT4D projects to increase universal access

We all know that developing countries have seen rapid growth in information and communication technology (ICT) access and use - from basic Internet access to the explosive growth of mobile phone ownership - and this growth is uneven.

World Bank President starts brawl about development economics research

UPDATE 4:30 PM, Sept 30 — debating Ravallion about World Bank censorship (see end of post)
World Bank President Robert Zoellick gave a speech at Georgetown University today calling for the “democratizing” of development research.  Bob Davis at The Wall Street Journal reports some reactions:

Which African Country Leads in ICT Expenditures? The Answer will Surprise You!

The World Bank's Open Data initiative is intended to provide unfettered access to the World Bank's data catalog, including databases, pre-formatted tables and reports. Our friends at Online Africa have taken this data and made an interesting table:
ICT Expenditure as a Percent of GDP in African Countries
ICT Expenditure as a Percent of GDP in African Countries

10 Worst Practices in ICT for Education

Michael Trucano, a recognized expert on deploying ICT in education, recently blogged about Worst practice in ICT use in education:

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