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We Matter: An Internet Campaign That Shares Hope and Healing with Indigenous Youth

Siblings Tunchai and Kelvin Redvers started the multi-media ‘We Matter’ campaign in 2016 to encourage Canadian Indigenous youth, li

Creating Memes in the Guernésiais Language to Join the “Big Friendly Family of Tiny Languages”

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Community Networks and Local Access Monthly Newsletter – Number 3

https://rising.globalvoices.org/files/2018/02/Rhizomatica_2_1_1-400x223.... 400w" sizes=" 705px) 100vw, 705px" />

How Indigenous Communities Are Using Data to ‘Reframe’ Their Narratives Through Digital Storytelling

Andrés Tapia, Apawki Castro, and Juan Diego Andrango were some of the people who participated in the first series of the Ref