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The Amp #20: August 15 to 29

Girl Activists: Telling Our Own Digital Stories in Kyrgyzstan - Girl Activists in Kyrgyzstan are sharing their knowledge with girls from surrounding villages so they can speak for them

The Amp #19: August 1 to 15

‘Never Alone', a Video Game That Immerses Players in Traditional Iñupiat Culture - Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa) features a female protagonist

Still Devastated: Eight Months after Typhoon Haiyan

Rising Voices note: This post continues the series of project updates from our Rising Voices grantee community. In this blog post, Hope Hervilla shares some background information on the circumstances leading to the launching of the Voices of Hope project in Estancia, Philippines.

Mapping for Niger Turns One, Community Reflects

The original post post was published on the Mapping for Niger website. It is republished here with the team's permission. Mapping for Niger is a Rising voices project.