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Making sense of drone regulations

Authorities demand regulation for and supervision of the increasing use of drones, because of privacy, safety and security issues. Drone operators must be aware of this.

Counting coconuts with drones

On the Pacific islands of Samoa drone technology is used in a coconut tree survey to forecast more accurately yield and production of virgin coconut oil. 

Transforming smallholder farming through remote sensing

The STARS project explores ways to use remote sensing technology to improve agricultural practices of smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia with the aim to advance their livelihoods.  

The challenge of comparing crop imagery over space and time

Imagery collected by drones can help agricultural experts identify the causes of low crop productivity. But the technology must be adapted to determine different crop varieties from multispectral images. And problems of image calibration must be resolved.

Insuring Indian farmers more effectively

Crop insurance payouts could be sped up with the help of drone technology, preventing financial hardship and potentially helping more small-scale farmers get insured. 

Drones detect crop stresses more effectively

Drones can someday serve as a low-cost, effective method of monitoring sweet potato crops, which are becoming increasingly important to smallholder farmers.

Preventing the spread of desert locust swarms

Drones could play an integral role in identifying and preventing desert locust swarms in the fight against this dangerous migratory pest

Sri Lanka's drone pioneers

The International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka has begun to experiment with drone technology to support a wide range of studies like crop monitoring, disaster mitigation and disease prevention. 

‘UAV-based remote sensing will be like using a cell phone today’

Interview with Roberto A. Quiroz, Potato Center (CIP), Peru

Five steps of making a map with small drones

Traditionally all features on a map were represented in the form of symbols whose spatial characteristics, like location, size and shape, could be mathematically defined in a spatial reference system.