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VIVO and Agriprofiles: A tacit knowledge discovery tool

The amount of explicit knowledge available online related to agriculture is overwhelming. VIVO and Agriprofiles help to reuse and link this information more effectively.  

“Aquacrop”, crop water productivity model 

Aquacrop is a crop water productivity model for agricultural research and stakeholders. By evaluating different parameters, it improves yields where water is scarce.  

Participatory data

Participatory 3D modelling is a community-based tool that builds on local and indigenous knowledge for a variety of purposes.   

Women in Tech: Rebuilding the link between librarians and farmers

Open data may not just be figures or indicators, but metadata describing documents. Jacinta Were describes how African libraries should not be sidelined in the efforts to make more open data available and that open access documents are an important resource in the data revolution for agriculture.  

Linking nutrition to the Data Revolution

An interview with Lawrence Haddad, Senior research Fellow at IFPRI.

Data Revolution for Agriculture

As mobile phones, tablets and improved connectivity spread across the world, the amount of data we are gathering and storing is increasing exponentially. With every satellite launch we add further data at ever increasing detail.   

Building sustainable and resilient family farms

ICTs can contribute to greater resilience in family farming by forecasting, preventing, mitigating and adapting to those causes that affect the well-being of family farmers.    

ICTs in rural Ghana