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How apps impact farming communities

The success of mobile applications in the agricultural sector has been largely measured in terms of numbers, but what has the impact of these apps been on communities as a whole? 

Linking farmers to markets

Agricultural market information services help to link farmers to markets so they can make better business choices and improve their bargaining power.   

How ICTs are empowering Ugandan farmers

It is important to get as many farmers as possible to trust mobile money, because it has opened a whole new frontier for them.  

Five ways of engaging the youth in agriculture

Young peoples’ affinity with ICTs and their ability to innovate is the key to moving mAgriculture forward and attracting the youth to the agricultural sector in ACP countries.    

Improving sales strategies for the cashew market

 N’Kalo, a service in West Africa that provides information about cashew nuts and sesame seeds, is helping farmers improve their sales strategies and increasing their profits.     

Apps for small agri-businesses

ICT applications are helping entrepreneurs in the Caribbean agricultural sector through every stage of the business cycle.  

Unlocking the market

A 2013 study entitled Market in their Palms conclusively shows that the use of mobile apps by smallholder farmers in Kenya has helped them to gain access to markets and market information and improved their businesses.  

Big data for smallholders

The Financial Identity Risk Management solution will provide consumer protection while enabling lenders to offer credit that can improve a borrower’s life and life chances.  

Reducing supply chain credit risk

A mobile platform called MoBiashara aims to reduce supply chain credit risk and compute an alternative credit scoring that promotes access to finance. 

Beyond cash

SmartMoney has grown from a small intervention targeting market inefficiencies between rural farmers and agriculture organisations to a community-wide rural payment and savings solution.