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Home-grown ICT solutions in agriculture come from young entrepreneurs

Young innovators in Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific region, have recognised the need for creative solutions to raise agricultural productivity and the huge prospective market for their ICT-enabled services in agriculture.

Farms could become the offices of the future

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Building a healthy ecosystem for ICT entrepreneurs

Countries could see economic growth in e-agriculture when the private and public sectors are aligned to create a climate that fosters innovation.

Enabling user-inclusive innovation in African agriculture

Ignitia has developed a disruptive technology that allows smallholder farmers in West Africa to access accurate weather predictions. Engaging with local partners and initiating reliable impact measurements were key factors to gain trust and scale-up the business.

Balancing entrepreneurial values with social impact

Social entrepreneurs in Africa have developed innovative ICT-enabled models for agriculture with the aim of combining profit with inclusive rural development. Their main challenges are scaling-up and earning an income while serving the poorest rural communities.