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The web: a thing of the past, or here to stay?

Is the web an indispensable tool or an indispensable tool for the future of ICT4Ag?  

Video-based learning for rural communities

Rikin Gandhi and Aishwarya Pillai explain how video-based learning can encourage communities to be co-creators of knowledge and not just passive recipients.  

The role of academic institutions

Academic institutions play a key role in addressing the challenges facing the agricultural  

Government-supported e-extension

Grace Agili and Stephen Rono discuss the public sector’s efforts to introduce e-extension at the county level in Kenya.

The creativity and passion of the private sector

The agricultural sector can make good use of the private sector’s creativity and passion.   

NGOs in the ICT4Ag space

Shaun Ferris discusses how different technologies have transformed the way NGOs work in communities affected by poverty and injustice.  

Farmer organisations offer ICT solutions

Farmer organisations can deliver ICT-based services to improve farmers’ incomes, reduce cost and wastage, and expand their markets  

Using audio to deliver knowledge

Audio is an effective way of delivering agriculture extension information to marginalised rural farmers.  

Scientific animations without borders

How can we connect local and global experts to create and deploy educational content for low-literate learners in the form of animated videos?  

Sustainable and scalable business models

Michael Elliott discusses different business models that can lead to success in the long term.