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New Framework for Measuring Resilience in Developing Countries

RABIT the Resilience Assessment Benchmarking and Impact Toolkit is a new framework for measurement of resilience.To date, it has been applied to measure climate-related resilience in communities in Central America (urban) and East Africa (rural/agricultural), including the specific contribution of ICTs.

Examining Digital Development: The Shape of Things to Come?

This working paper analyses the potential emergence of a new digital development paradigm.It discusses what the new paradigm might consist of, the patterns it would reflect in the struggle between competitive and cooperative logics, and its policy implications.

Data-driven preparedness for disaster

Operationalizing global climate agreements and preparing the world for unprecedented physical, social and economic challenges requires equally transformational, fast, efficient and scalable methods. Young innovators and hacktivists from unexpected sectors are unlocking a world of data new and old to invent new ways of empowering society from the community to the international scale.

Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race

Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers.Thats basically what Facebook is doing nowadays.

German Chancellor calls on Facebook, Google to reveal secret algorithms

Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling on Facebook and Google to be much more transparent on how their algorithms work. Merkel wants those firms and others to reveal how they learn and understand peoples internet usage patterns, ultimately catering exactly what they view when they access the internet.

ICTs and Hope for Development

Hope is a core part of what it means to be human, and has long been recognised as foundational in driving people to make changes in their lives and contexts. Yet this importance of hope is not reflected in academic research, with little work being undertaken on hope and development, and none on hope and the application of ICTs-for-development (ICT4D).

Facebook, Twitter accused of providing user data for police surveillance

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provided feeds of user data to a social-media monitoring program used by police to track racially charged protests in Oakland, Calif., and Baltimore, according to an ACLU report released recently.

Youth, mobility and mobile phones in Africa

The expansion of mobile phone use in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly over the last five years, has been remarkable in terms of speed of adoption, spatial penetration and, not least, the fact that this is an essentially spontaneous development firmly embedded in private sector activity.

A guide to open data publishing & analytics

Information is a valuable resource, and sharing it allows us to raise our collective knowledge about the world. To increase the impact it has, data made public should be done so to the extent permitted by law and subject to privacy, confidentiality, security, or other valid restrictions. Before publishing data, its important to seriously consider these matters.

Government as a platform, in action

Ultimately, government is simply a mechanism for collective action. We pay taxes and deputize others to do work we want done. The work is enormous, but so is the payoff.