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Apply serum all over your face and neck area

Svelme gave me a new lease on life. This is when the shit hits the fan. It is clear to me this I cannot simply try to deflect this ASAP. This is subject to continual change. Usually, please be cautious.

Harnessing collaborative technologies: helping funders work together better

Many funders have begun to use technology to explore new ways of working together, from casual peer learning to joint funding and strategy development. This report is a story about how new tools - social networking sites, file sharing tools, crowdsourcing systems, data visualisation, wikis, and many others - are changing the way funders collaborate.

Mapping your online media strategy - a guide for nonprofits

This ebook offers a guide through the process of choosing social media platforms and developing an effective online media strategy. It provides an overview of few popular social media channels in South Africa and how they work, so that organisation can learn about the potential benefits of these networks. It also shows how to develop a content calendar for web and social media work.

Evolution and future of the knowledge commons: Emerging opportunities and challenges for less developed societies

This article addresses the emerging field of the knowledge commons in relation to the challenges of international development. It reviews the history of academic knowledge since the Enlightenment, its evolution and current trends, with the purpose of exploring the future of the knowledge commons.

Emerging implications of open and linked data for knowledge sharing in development

Movements towards open data involve the publication of datasets (from metadata on publications, to research, to operational project statistics) online in standard formats and without restrictions on reuse. A number of open datasets are published as linked data, creating a web of connected datasets.

Habiltando la apertura: el futuro de la sociedad de la informacin en Amrica Latina y el Caribe

Este libro contina los debates que se desarrollaron durante el seminario Desarrollo Abierto: Explorando el futuro de la sociedad de la informacin en Amrica Latina y el Caribe, que tuvo lugar en Montevideo el 2 y 3 de abril de 2013.

Enabling Openness: The future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean

This book builds on a seminar, Open Development: Exploring the future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Montevideo on 2-3 April 2013.

Economic Development Can Only Buy Happiness Up to a 'Sweet Spot' of $36,000 GDP Per Person

Economists have shed light on the vexed question of whether economic development can buy happiness -- and it seems that life satisfaction actually dips among people living in the wealthiest countries.

Urban Planning for City Leaders

World is rapidly becoming predominantly urban. Cities offer opportunities for unleashing economic potential, increasing energy efficiency, reducing inequities, and creating sustainable livelihoods for all. History has shown that urbanization leads to development. It is also clear that urbanization is a source rather than simply a by-product of development.

Rapid Urbanization and Mega Cities: The Need for Spatial Information Management

Urbanisation is a major change taking place globally. The urban global tipping point was reached in 2007 when for the first time in history over half of the worlds population 3.3 billion people were living in urban areas.