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The rise of Open Data in Kazakhstan


Homes near an urban center in Kazakhstan.

All things to all people: what the Internet means to our lives

It is difficult to imagine our world without the Internet. Apart from online social media, cat videos, online banking, and Wikipedia-fueled homework assignments, the Internet underpins financial transactions and economic activities around the world.

Can urban innovation ecosystems be developed with little broadband infrastructure?

We are witnesses to the surge of tech startup ecosystems in cities around the world, in both developed and developing countries.

How did New York City create one of the world's largest and most vibrant urban tech innovation ecosystems?

Photo credit: Roman Kruglov / Flickr

As part of our research of urban innovation ecosystems, our team has been working in New York

Categorizing the collaboration and community promotion spaces that make urban innovation ecosystems tick

A variety of collaboration spaces are spreading across urban innovation ecosystems. This makes sense intuitively, because collaboration spaces create and — in some cases — manage and sustain the communities that make the ecosystem exist and grow. 

How Open Data can fight poverty and boost prosperity in Kyrgyzstan

All around the world, governments are recognizing the value and potential of Open Data.

Makers and education, part one: how are disruptive technologies affecting the way we educate?

Girls learning how to design and make a toy with a laser cutter, which increases

Connectivity equals opportunity: PPPs narrow the "broadband gap"

A billboard announces the arrival of high-speed broadband internet