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Announcing our first Beta release of Ushahidi v3

It’s been a couple of months since we shared what progress we’ve been making on Ushahidi v3. Today, we’re rolling out a beta version of Ushahidi v3, v3.0.0-beta.1.

Innovating Government at Making All Voices Count

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Introducing CrisisNET

At Ushahidi, we love helping people turn data into social impact. We’ve helped thousands of users gather and manage crowdsourced data during everything from natural disasters to political revolutions. When Ushahidi was founded in 2008, our tools provided a rare and valuable source of crisis-relevant data to citizens, policy makers, and responders.

Building a Tech Industry

When we sit back and think about all the various organizations, projects, and companies we have been a part of over the past six years, at first glance they are seemingly quite different.

The Future of Crisis Data

The excitement around big data for social good is palpable, and its capacity for change is enormous. However, in order to realize this capacity the humanitarian community needs to embrace a fundamental shift in the relationship between data and crisis.

Community Survey Results are in!

Our Community is Important to us!
The Ushahidi community has always been at the heart of what we do.

We’re moving our Dev Chat to IRC

Our community skype chat has seen some great improvement in activity over the past few weeks, with more folks seeking to collaborate and ask questions.

Ushahidi 2.7.3 – Bug Fix Release

Keeping up with our current trend, we have another bug fix release, 2.7.3.

Testing Ushahidi v2.7.3 (Upcoming Release)

We’re almost ready for the next bug fix release of Ushahidi v2.7.3b, and we need your help!

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What Needs Testing?

The real point of global hackathons

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TL;DR: it’s global community!