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Goodbye, Google.org blog

This will be our last post on the Google.org blog. In order to make it easier for people to get the latest news from Google in one place, we're moving to the Official Google Blog.

Crisis Tools for Typhoon Yolanda

Cross-posted from the Google Asia Pacific BlogWe’ve launched several tools, available on our Typhoon Yolanda crisis page, to help gather and relay information in connection with the incredible devastation that’s occurred in the Philippines.

Trial in Cape Town shows that TV White Spaces can deliver broadband access without interference

(Cross-posted from Google Africa blog)

TV White Spaces—the unused spectrum between TV channels—have the potential to bring wireless broadband access to underserved and rural areas. These low frequency signals can travel long distances and fill a need in places where telecommunications infrastructure is lacking.

Flu Trends updates model to help estimate flu levels in the US

When people get sick, they turn to the Web for information. Back in 2008, a team at Google dug into this behavior and found that certain search terms were good indicators of flu levels. We later launched Google Flu Trends to estimate flu activity in near real-time using aggregated Google search data, in regions around the world.

Public Alerts and Crisis Map for Natural Disasters Now Available in Colombia

A catastrophe or natural disaster can occur when least expected. That's why the Google Crisis Response Team created Public Alerts and Crisis Map to help people better prepare for these unfortunate situations.

Get the latest on the Australian fires with the Google Crisis Response map

As summer approaches, reliable and easily accessible information about where fires are burning and how to stay safe is important. That’s why we’ve launched a Google Crisis Map to show fire information across five Australian states and territories.

Supporting new solutions for broadband Internet access in rural markets

Sometimes, the best way to take a new idea from the research phase to the real world is to take that idea into the field.Google.org has provided a $2 million grant to the De Novo Group to advance wireless technologies that could help bring broadband Internet access to emerging markets around the world.

Responding to Cyclone Phailin in India

Last week, India’s east coast was struck by Cyclone Phailin, a severe tropical cyclone that displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the affected region. 

Responding to the Colorado Floods

Last week, Colorado was hit with severe storms and flooding, washing out roads and bridges and leaving thousands displaced. Many people, including local Googlers, have been evacuated from their homes or are still without essential services. The recovery period is likely to be lengthy as major roads are repaired and communities clean up.